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Christmas Charlie’s Style December 25, 2008

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

Well I must begin by announcing that we found the cure for PMS.  Alcohol, especially “candy cane shots.”  I don’t know how they made it, but it sure did help.  Thanks guys 🙂  P.S. Charlie’s  is probably the only bar that I can publicly talk about my raging emotions. 

Enough about me…  Looks like everyone was out Christmas shopping cause there  wasn’t very many people at Charlie’s.  Surprisingly, there was not even one team playing  pool or darts- everyone that was in the bar was out on the patio playing trivia with us.

12-23-08-018They a funny couple of guys.  They actually keep track of all the other teams scores, to see how they’re doing throughout the game (and also helps me to double check my math. lol).  They sure know their Christmas trivia.  They won the first round and lost the pitcher in the tie breaker of the third.  Jason returned to JT  tonight.  Thanks for the Christmas present, Tim.  Have a good Christmas if I don’t see you Thursday.

12-23-08-021We were missing a couple on the team, but Hickmasms picked a difficult name that always gave me a problem.  They won the tie breaker in third round, but was nice enough to gift it to another team.  Hopefully I get to see you guys again next week!

12-23-08-020Third place went to Alleycat.  One of the players had just come back from vacation and another was currently on vacation.  So they were down a regular, but still won the second round.  Hurry back, Jake!

We had some other teams that played but didn’t earn any free stuff 😦  Sorry guys.

12-23-08-017Phyllis & Skott had a strong game this week.  Phyllis always seems to recruit whoever is sitting near him to be on his team.  He must have been drunk, cause I managed to get Phyllis to dance at the end of the game.  See you soon.  If you’re not at Charlie’s on Christmas, I’m gonna be pissed.

I didn’t get their picture, but Minds Eye played off and on.  Dante, a guy I haven’t seen in forever, was the head of that team.  Come back more often.

12-23-08-022I’m not sure if she missed him or she was just checking up on him, but our DJ had company.  He helped out with a couple of the questions, but Jon’s Mom wasn’t able to score any free beer tonight.  I haven’t seen her in months!  Last time she was here, she got her picture taken with a hottie beer boy.

Back Alleywas pretty blitzed and only answered a few questions.  He got confused on one of the questions and thinks that Tom Seleck has been in Playboy magazine.  It’s all good.  See you next time you wander in to play.

Thanks for the great night, you guys are absolutely terrific players and friends! (how sad and sappy, must be due to the impending holiday).




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