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Welcome to trivia, John (the GM from Charlie’s) December 10, 2008

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

Well we had a guest to trivia tonight, one guy that’s never played with us before.  John ,the General Manager from Charlie’s, helped out on a team.  While I should have given them extra points to suck up, I didn’t do that, for the sake of everyone else.

The night started pretty slow, with just a few teams, but slowly everyone crawled out of their bathrobes and came out in the cold to play trivia.  We ended the night with 7 teams, which wasn’t bad for the frigid temperature.  If you reading this and have never been to trivia at Charlie’s, we play out in the patio.  While we have plastic windows, we still get a draft and sometimes it’s pretty chilly.

12-9-08-004Alleycat was on the top of their game. They won every single round and ended the game with 41 points.  That’s the highest points I’ve ever seen in a trivia game!  Hopefully they can keep their trophy next week.  Thanks for the smooch, Al.

Tim and his new boyfriend

Tim and his new boyfriend

Tim came in a little bit late and played by (and well, maybe with) himself.  JT won second place tonight.

12-9-08-007While I said I should have given them extra points, I really didn’t given Envy extra points.  But like the policy we have at Charlie’s, management can play, they just can’t win the prizes.  So they left right before I announced the winners and they didn’t know about their third place standing, they still had to hand it down.

12-9-08-001RSVP got lucky that the third place team was not eligible for prizes.  So they were awarded the prize for third place.  Two of them were new to trivia, but hopefully they will become a new regular group.

12-9-08-002He sits in the corner, but Phyllis always manages to recruit himself some players.  The guy he actually got to play wasn’t in the photo shoot, but sure knew a lot of answers tonight.  Good job picking this one!

12-9-08-003They can’t really spell, but they play trivia 🙂  We Smrthas been a returning team with an always changing team name.  I think last week they were the Bushwackers.  They change their name, but at least they keep playing trivia.  Thank you, ladies!

12-9-08-006Oh those boys that don’t like to be cold!  Stinky I.N.C. played about one round and then went inside.  But we are lucky that I got around out of them, cause I dragged them away from a game of pool to play trivia.  Andrew- that potato has 320 calories and 2 grams of fat.

Well aside from the cold, we had a pretty good night of trivia. 

See you guys next week.  Oh and John, you guys are welcome to play anytime you want 🙂




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