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Tired at OC Union December 8, 2008

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

So Collin had tix to the Avs game tonight- therefore I get to do the trivia this fine Sunday evening!  I know you missed him, so I’m sure he will be happy to hear that I gave his number out to all the ladies.  And men.  Collin- don’t be surprised if you have some interesting messages tomorrow! 

So there was a tie-breaker for every round… Sa-WEET!  A little competition never hurt anyone!!! 

p.s. No cheating

Mike’s #1 Fan! Where the heck was Mike though?  How rude of him to leave his fans hanging like this.  Well, at least you got first- that makes up for it, no?

Weekend Bowel Movement/Wrecked ‘Em-Whatever your name is- it has to do with poop. Close enough.  Have a fun drive back to Brighton!!!

Purple Latex Jackhammers- Interesting picture I have here. 

Smart Guys- Dirty Guys more like it!

C-Loco- How bout you stop shouting out the answers?  It only hurts you in the long run!!!

Mean Girls- Awesome movie- that Linds really is a comical genious!  Also I would like to commend you on not abusing your power, seeing as the manager here is your roommate.  You actually didn’t live up to your name- you could have been way bigger wenches than you actually were.

Green Day… I mean Green Doy… I mean Green Dog… You won that stupid thing in that machine that lets you try til you win didn’t you?

3 Sometimes- Sadly I never met you, the servers kept bringing down your answers or you would call them down! Next time send a rep so I have a name with a face:)

Ok its one am and I’m still here…  Time to go!!!!

Next week 9 pm be here or be… wait the rhyme doesn’t work with that one!!!

Good night ladies



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