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Pierogies are awesome MNF Trivia Blake Street Tavern December 8, 2008

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

Especially pierogies that somehow turn into parts the the female anatomy.  Huh?  Well if you were part of the conversation- not only would you know what I am talking about, you would also think it funny.

So I was expecting a slow night, you know with the “blizzard” and the crappy game and all.   But no!!!  It was busier than its been the past few weeks for sure!  Bravo!!  And this wireless technology is fantastic.  For the first time I was not holed up in the corner all by myself.  I actually got to sit at the bar and have human contact.  Love it.

So here’s what we got- 

Shelly watches me pee/ Shelly is dirty/Shelly … porno/ SWMP/ SWAMP – Please make up your mind about your team name if possible.  If you weren’t makin me laugh so hard I would have taken some points away.  HA!  I made you stay til the end.  First place though-worth it- no?

Black Eye (Not Black Guy)– Love the shiner ma’am!  Seriously, if one MUST have a black eye, that is the perfect place for one.  Nice work, second place.  I swear I wasn’t giving the dude next to me the answers!

CR- I totally made you stay too!  HA!  Third.  You heart Cleveland and the lame snow there.

Ryan Leaf-  I will miss you!  But Jackson’s will welcome you with open arms I’m sure:)  I will warn them you are coming!

Soggy Crackers- I heard CJ telling some story about how you came up with the team name, but I didn’t really get it, so I would like to hear the story one day.

Wacky Wavy Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man-  I just spent a lot of time writing your team name.  Now I must move on to something else.

Tayla- Where did you go?!

Team Brank- I almost read Team Barack for a minute there

KNJD- Do you work for a radio station or something?

Team Buff- You were here an awful long time, why did you stop answering?

Team Menudo Bitch- Love the name… Bitch.

Team Onan- You are awesome at saying goodbye.

Whew!  Ok, must get to bed here- one more trivia night to go and then I’m done for the week!

Come to OC’s at 6th and Union tomorrow! 

Love Barb



1. buzzwordz - December 8, 2008

Barb is the best trivia host on earth and she should get a 500% raise. (This is definitely NOT Barb writing this)

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