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Trivia is More Fun Than a Bra Show! December 4, 2008

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

So it was a really cold night, which may have been why people stayed home on Wednesday night.  Or maybe it was they were at home watching the Victoria Secret show.  But we at Ogden Street South got trivia and boobies.  While we didn’t get the comfort of our own home and big fuzzy blankets, or whatever it is people wear when they see lingerie, we still had fun.  We got $3 Blue Moons and greek chicken.

12-3-08-0011We didn’t have a ton of people playing, but 1883 still gets the luxury of gloating for winning.  They won the game with a three point lead.  Hopefully they are getting addicted to trivia and have their eye on the $600 prize.  Thanks for playing, ladies!

12-3-08-002They had quite a few too many people playing, but I let them play for fun.  Hippo Nipple didn’t get enough points to get them a prize, but I’m pretty sure they enjoyed the beer and the game.

Logan Street played poker and trivia.  Multi-tasking looked easy for this team.  However, they went outside and forgot they were playing the game and didn’t get their last answer in.

After a very long hiatus, Staff Infection returned to play some trivia.  They’re usually in the bar, but they’re usually working.  They took advantage of the cold weather and empty tables.  We learned that you don’t always get the answers right when you’re on Vicodin though.

Well that was the mere four teams we had playing trivia.  All of the wimps stayed home with their blankies.

See you next week!


  WK 1 WK 2 WK 3 WK 4
1883 22 23*
ACL’s 19
At Least You Didn’t Marry Him 3
Exxon Valdez 7
Ghetto Flyers 28*
King Prawns 21* 21
Kobra Kai 7
Little J 13 15
Leprechauns 18
Logan St 13 16
Roark 15
Short Bus 17 19
Super Ninja Monkeys 18
Staff Infection 15
Studio 52 17* 24
Team Beans 16
V-Licious 12


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