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Three Tie Breakers!! December 3, 2008

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

Whew, we used a lot of tie breakers and had a lot of points going at Charlie’s

12-2-08-006The Somali Butt Pirates lost the tie breakers in the first two rounds, but grabbed a free pitcher of beer from the third round.  I’m pretty sure they scored an all time high points, with 38 points this game.  They thought they would be in trouble without the females of the team, but they made it without them.

12-2-08-004Whew, there was a three way tie for second place.  Curly No Shoes won the tie breaker and landed second place.  They were a few players short, but still held their own.

12-2-08-011Alleycat lost the tie breaker in the first round and went to a tie breaker for second/third place.  They managed to snag third place, but didn’t earn a free pitcher.

12-2-08-012Tim was playing all alone on JT tonight.  He wasn’t able to get any free beer out of me tonight.  He would have gotten 4th place if we had that.

Other teams that played at Charlie’s.

They won the second round and then took my beer and left.  The Color Purple was a new team tonight.

12-2-08-007Our ever predictable Phyllis played tonight and recruited himself a lady to join him.  They weren’t able to get any beer, but still got a pretty high score.

12-2-08-001They ususally have some kind of sexual reference in their name.  Tonight they were the Bushwackers for the bar, not the other kind.  They played for the duration of the game, even though they tried to tell me they were going to leave early for another bar.  Thanks for staying!

12-2-08-005Mark & Matt were new to trivia and played but didn’t get any freebies.

12-2-08-009They were celebrating a birthday, but still played trivia.  Mynx won the first round in a tie breaker and then gave me a free coffee coupon, score!

Whew, I’m taking up all the blog space.  Thanks for playing, see you guys next week!




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