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Great Idea December 1, 2008

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

So I had this great idea to do the blog immediately after the game so I don’t forget anything.  Luckily I am in this corner over here and no one really notice I am still here.  And I still have this Flying Dog Dog of the Day: K-9 Cruiser to keep me happy.  (Like my plug Blake Street?)

So yes, some difficulties to begin with- got here a little later than usual, then the old computer decided to do its weird crap that it does (I usually don’t burden you guys with the old computer woes like I do my Tuesday crowd)

Anyhow, started a bit late… but here are some results!

Dorothy: I feel like I really should not give you any points seeing as your team name is based upon the fact that I was wearing red shoes and you were clearly making fun of me.  But whatever.  You can still get first.

Ryan Leaf: You seemed a little angry today.  It’s the whole CAL thing isn’t it?!  Oh, maybe the whole me not really knowing much about football thing too??  Well you got second at least!!  I’m sorry!  The other team kicked some serious boo-tay!

And then we have the teams that would have won something had they stayed….. DUKE OF EARL! BREWMASTER! JCU MAKES ME MOIST!

But instead a more committed team won- Smash!! Thank you for staying- now you get the cash and the glory!!!

Honorable mention for Nicole Richardson!  You had a 100%  Of course you only answered 3 questions, but you got them all right!!!!  How bout you come earlier next week lady?!?! 

And then there is Tre-Deux who I completely blame for making me look like a jerk the rest of the night.  You know what you did. 🙂

Good night folks!  Thanksgiving weekend was a bit tiring- I can only handle so much eating and napping.  I should really eat a snack and get back to bed. 

Love, Barb



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