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Dataheads Conference in town? November 30, 2008

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

1128I walked into the OC in Broomfield and the place was packed.  Every table full.  When I made the walkthrough asking who wanted to play trivia, everyone did (except 2 tables)!  Amazing!  We started the night with 19 teams.  We had to scramble to make more answer sheets, so we started a little late.  And due to the volume scoring took longer. Thanks for your patience everyone.  And it was great seeing a lot of teams I hadn’t seen before, I thought there must have been a convention of smart people in town!

We slogged through the first round and it seemed like chaos on my end, but in talking to some of the players no one seemed to notice and everyone was having a good time.  We had a couple of high scoring teams in round 1; LB Dbags, Donkeys, Abuls Snaf, Stylepointz, and Hearts Like Lions but the clear winner was Team Kenny which scored 10.5 points out of a possible 11.  Wow!

We headed into round 2 and lost 7 teams but that still left 12 teams for heavy competition.  Sorry I didn’t get pictures of the early-exiters but thanks for joining in the foray: Baileys Crue, Drink Til She’s Legal, Kendall Sisters, Kiss My Anthia, Team Bitter, Donkeys, and Boss.

Through a clever use of the Double or Nothing rule in round 2, Team Kenny won again, but in good sportsmanship, they gave up their pitcher of beer to the 2nd place LB Dbags, who were quite pleased.  The other teams that gave good chase in round 2 were Economy Sucks, Bailey Woozles, Keepers of the Flame, Abuls Snaf, Flying Tubby Cows, and Hearts Like Lions.

It was getting late and we lost 3 more teams: The Kids are at Home, Team Thunder, and Puntang Pie. But again that left us with 9 teams til the bitter end.

And it was a shootout.  Two teams courageously saved their Double or Nothing till the very last question and both nailed it!  Abuls Snaf and Keepers of the Flame ended up over 20 points for round 3 but the point winner was KOTF.  Good job.  KOTF ended in 3rd place overall.

Team Kenny fell off the pace in round 3 but was still strong enough pull of a 2nd place win for the evening. It was worth hanging around to win a gift certificate, hunh?

And Abuls Snaf, which was just out of the running each round pulled off the 1st prize for high score for the evening.  Nice job for hanging tough!

Hearts Like Lions and LB Dbags tied for 4th.  Nicely done.

It was a raucous and rowdy time, and I hope everyone had as much fun as I did.

See you all next week?  Same bat time, same bat place.

Ciao for now,

– Keith



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