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Happy Thanksgiving Eve! November 27, 2008

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

It’s called the biggest bar night in town.  There were lots of people at Ogden Street South last night.  There were some returning teams, and many new faces in the crowd.  And there was some holiday cheer in the way of Thanksgiving trivia.  And thankfully, only a couple of you didn’t have to go to work the next day.

11-26-08-005They were a new team and they had a guy on crutches.  Ghetto Flyers came and stole the massages for the night.  They tried to say the lady on the team doesn’t get a massage.  I’m not sure how that really works…  Hope to see you guys next week!

There were so many people on this team that I couldn’t even count them.  They weren’t eligible for the prize since they were like 10 over quota, but they still played and had a good time.  The Throat Yodlers wanted an indecent name, but I told them I had to be able to say it without being too embarrassed, so that’s what they came up with.

11-26-08-002Studio 52 returned to try an earn another day at the spa.  They were a couple points short, but had two players this time.

11-26-08-007They brushed up on their holiday stats, but came a little bit short.  1883 is a newly sprouted team from another regular team.  They had too many folks tonight and didn’t want to kick someone out, so they separated for a bit.

11-26-08-0062King Prawns had a return of a player that’s been MIA for a while.  One of them had to work the next day so they didn’t get so crazy.  Oh the woes of employment!

11-26-08-008They skipped last week and came back this week, cause they didn’t have to work the next day.  Short Bus returned for some trivia action and $3 Blue Moons, but then hid in shame when I announced the scores.  Well at least you played, cause without playing, you would have automatically gotten zero 🙂

11-26-08-001Two of these guys were in from Idaho for Turkey Day.  They were the Super Ninja Monkeys they said that you shouldn’t wait until your thermometer says 180, but should take your turkey out at 151.

11-26-08-003I still didn’t find out which was shorter or which of them had a J name.  They brought another player with them tonight and tried to win the prize, but Little J‘s forces were too little.  Thanks for coming back, ladies!

11-26-08-009They sat all the way at the other end of the place at the bar.  I even caught them on their blackberry.  They weren’t cheating though, they were getting a recipe for pumpkin pie!!  Leprechauns must have been Irish or something.  I don’t know if there was a pot of gold.  I guess I forgot to ask.

Well hopefully everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving

See you next week!




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