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A quiet Sunday at Old Chicago – Union November 24, 2008

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

After the disappointing loss there were only a few teams that turned out to watch the Colts beat the Chargers in overtime to keep the Broncos playoff hopes going strong.

The teams who didn’t stay long enough to be captured by my camera . . . eh hem . . . are as follows:

Teacher’s Pets

Hammer Wenches

One Arm Push-ups

The Eager Beavers

Master Blasters

and C-Fro

We appreciate you guys coming out and expect you to stay for the whole game next time.

As for the teams that I did get pictures of, it turns out you were the prize winners of the evening. In third place, playing from the dining room was Bollocks!  Good to see you guys again.




Finishing second and winning round 3 was Mike’s #1 Fan who put on a great late push to give the winners a run for their money.


Mike's #1 Fan

Mike's #1 Fan . . . with fire!

Finally, proving that everyone either REALLY knows their Never Ending Story characters . . . or their STD medications . . . Baked Mac and Cheese, after winning the first two rounds, held off the late charge by answering the final question completely correctly (like everyone else in the bar . . . now that I think about this, it kinda creeps me out).


Baked Mac and Cheese fighting over Boyz II Men

Baked Mac and Cheese fighting over Boyz II Men

Thanks again to everyone for coming out and I will see you next week!



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