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Welcome back to Ogden Street South! November 13, 2008

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

Whew!  Back in the swing of things.  I was missing last week due to some personal stuff, and well, so was every one else.  I had gotten a substitute, but I guess you weren’t going to settle for that.  We didn’t have any players last week at Ogden Street South for Ladies Night Trivia.  But we had 6 teams playing this week.  Thank you!!

This was the first week of our 10 week tournament.   The prize was two massages to a local spa and a spot into the championship game (yes, like Jeopardy Tournament of Champions).  Our new sponsor is Coors, so we have $3 Blue Moons.  Score!

11-12-08-004It was their first time playing trivia with us.  But really it was mainly the female counterpart that did most of the work on Studio 52.  They won the game ending tie breaker and took the prize.  Hopefully we convinced them to come back and play again.

11-12-08-001Short Bus returned after a hiatus that wasn’t so short.  I had heard something about a break up and then just three of them played tonight.  Pretty much everything was different about this long time regular team.  They had many less players, they were a little bit more decisive, and they sat in a different part of the bar.  Thank you for your much awaited return!

11-12-08-003They were a new team and were pretty enthusiastic about the game.  V-licious was initially mislead by the game, cause they thought the first few questions were pretty easy.  Maybe the questions got harder, or maybe it was just those tequila shots that were always on your table…

These ladies played poker and trivia, but didn’t want their picture taken.  Logan St. sounded confused by their team name in that they weren’t really on Logan Street.  Maybe that’s where they live, but I’m not quite sure.

11-12-08-005She was a one woman force to be reckoned with.  Roark later changed her name to Howard Roark.  While I read the Fountainhead many years ago, I think I would choose to be John Galt instead.  

11-12-08-002It was ladies night, but we still let a couple of guys play trivia.  JTT played but wanted extra points cause they were at a disadvantage by not having any females on the team.  Come to think of it, they tried to get extra points out of me for just about everything.  Didn’t work though!

Well guys, thanks for coming out and playing.  See you next week and we will again take advantage of our new drink special 🙂




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