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Where Are My Trivia Friends?? October 30, 2008

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

We only had a couple of teams at Ogden Street South.  My regulars have been MIA the last few weeks.  That’s What She Said missed the last two weeks, as has Short Bus.   Hopefully you guys reappear next week.  I however, will be absent next week, Matt from Sunday OSS will be filling in for me.

We started with just four teams and ended with three.  We were playing for an entire bar tab.  We should be starting the tournament next week, with Coors as our sponsor (instead of Sam Adam’s again).

Cobra Kai(formerly Blonde Ambition) won the tie breaker and got their food and drink paid for.  Funny thing about their name… they took the name of a different team.  I was pretty confused when I got their answer and couldn’t find the original team.  I guess Nikki that started the name passed it on to her friends.  So this was their first ever win (Cobra Kai won in the past, but that was with the other members).  They usually leave before the game is over, but finally stayed a whole game and won!

They played poker and trivia, that’s cause women are supposed to be good multi-taskers.  Team Holdem almost had the game, but were overthrown in the tie breaker.  They didn’t get the bar tab, but they did get some purple hooters.  I didn’t get their picture cause they were too busy playing poker.  One of the gals wants to host trivia though (don’t forget to put in a good word for me!).

I guess they liked the weekly dinner special, cause they named their team Greek Chicken.  They were a new team that did well kicking ass.  They were just 2 points behind the other teams.

B&M played a couple answers and the disappeared.  I’m not sure where they went, but they had to come clear across the bar to bring their answers each time.

Well guys, the night was eventful and exciting, even if you didn’t want Halloween questions.

See you in 2 weeks @ 8:30 (you’ll see Matt next week).




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