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Charlie’s Halloween Style Trivia October 29, 2008

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

Last week we didn’t have any draught beer, but we got our Miller High Life back this week!  If you hadn’t noticed, the country is in a bit of a recession, even if the gas has gone down a bit.  They increased our drinks a mere 50 cents.  Really, 75¢ still isn’t bad for a beer!  That’s cheaper than a 6 pack!!

So I let the crowd vote- regular trivia or Halloween trivia.  There was an overwhelming vote for Halloween trivia.  So that’s what we did.

We had quite a few teams this week, since you’re all in the drinking spirit for the upcoming holiday.  There were 10 teams- that ain’t bad!

They lagged behind the first and second rounds by just a point, but then won the third round tie breaker.  JT took first place in the Halloween style trivia.  This team will once again be shrinking to just one player.  Tim- maybe you should bribe some smart folks to join your team…

Second place went to Alleycat.  They won the second round, but lost the tie breaker for round three.  I think they mentioned to me that Justin should make a guest appearance or something, since we all miss him so much.  Justin- I think Thanksgiving would be a great time for you to visit us!!

The Hiccups came and took third place tonight.  They were missing a couple boys, but had some other smart guys on the team tonight.  I’m so happy that you guys are back into trivia 🙂

We had lots of other teams that played and enjoyed the cheap beer but didn’t score a prize:

Loose Lips was a formation of a bunch of folks that usually just hang around.  I badger them every week to play, and they finally gave in to me.

No matter how sharp they were, they just didn’t make it to even turn in every question.  Sharp Shooters tried to convince me that they came down from Boulder just to play trivia.  If you read my blog, you might recognize one of these guy from back in July.  He tried to fight me cause he was from Ohio or something (I hail from the Great Lakes State).  He also was in love with the breasts of one of my friends.  Sheesh, those Boulder boys!  Yeah, I consider that an upgrade 🙂

Even if it was his  60th, Phyllis still hit the trivia circut.  I got to share his birthday dance with him, but I’m pretty sure he won’t remember that when he’s done celebrating.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHYLLIS!

They won the first round, played the second and then left.  You can’t win a good prize unless you stay all night.  Do you like tacos? promised me they would come back next week, but I’m not quite convinced yet.  Sorry ladies, I thought I had a picture of you, but guess I don’t 😦

Saint George turned in a few answers and then disappeared.  Maybe he heard that alcohol was a sin…

They were dancing and drinking, but Group 6 turned in a couple of answers.

He came near the end of the game and played with team Phyllis for a bit, but then went solo.  Big Ed was back for more trivia tonight.  You really need to come earlier though!

Whew, that was all of the teams.

Maybe it was cause I wasn’t drinking, but it was a pretty chill night.  There wasn’t any fights.  There was beer on tap.   And it wasn’t too hot or cold.  I will call that a success!!

dancing queens

dancing queens

Whatever you do this Halloween weekend, get drunk (like I really have to tell you that) and be safe!!




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