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Kentucky Has Apples Too! October 28, 2008

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

Our shot special for tonight at Jackson’s was Kentucky Apples (similar to Washington Apples).  We didn’t have that many people playing, what’s wrong, you scared of the cold?  Maybe you were out crafting your Halloween costume.


Speaking of Halloween, Jackson’s will be having a little Halloween party.  They have $10 cover and then lots of drink specials.  They will also be raffling off lift tickets to Copper Mountain (my personal favorite).


We had some drink specials of our own tonight.  We had $5 PBR pitchers, $5 Jager bombs, and $3 Sam Adams Oktoberfest.  Oh, and those apple drinks to get everyone in the mood for Halloween.


There was a mere five teams tonight, with three of them being new.


Makin it Rain was back on the scene tonight.  They won the game with a two point lead.  They still didn’t want their picture taken, even if his girlfriend knew his whereabouts tonight.   I think he accused me of getting in his business or something, but really, I was just kiddin around.


Takin’ home second place was a new team, Pocket Rockets.  Love the name!  Funny thing, I knew one of these guys from way back.  You see, the Denver Metro Area just isn’t that big.  I mean, I came from a small town, and I probably wouldn’t rememeber half of them, but hey, I remember Nick.


Funny thing about out of towners that are football fans, they always seem to pack their jersey or team shirt.  Pipe About This Big was in town on business.  They were referred to Jackson’s by a local, and I’m sure they had fun.


Bullocks (aka Whatever Damnit! and Thugs) took the invisible prize for third place.  They have diligently come to trivia but are stuck in a funk with scoring.  But to set the record straight, they were only three points behind the first place.  I’d tell you to study, but I’m not really sure what you would study.  Hmm… See you next week?


They only answered a couple of questions, cause I think they were out smoking.  Jaime & Nathan– you can’t win the game if you don’t really play.  I know, the questions can be rather difficult though.  Hope you at least had fun.


I will have the pictures up later this afternoon, I’m avoiding the internet patrol at my day job.  Eek.


Enjoy your Halloween and see you next week @ 6:30!





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