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Old Chicago Wednesdays in Aurora October 24, 2008

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

Ricoh here. Another great packed house, just like we like to see at Old C’s. Some newbies from last week came and proved they weren’t just a fluke!

First round went to the Unfriendly Skies with a nearly perfect 9pt round, but teams McLovin, and the Lone Rangers were only one point behind.

Second round was decided by a tie-breaker between Bla Bla Blah and the Punkin Chunkin Trebuchet, with Bla Bla Blah coming super close to pegging the answer right on the head!

Final round was won by the Lone Rangers, which brought them into a tie for the overall prize against the Unfriendly Skies. The Lone Rangers DID peg the year Cam Neely came into the league to get the point, and the trophy. (if there was a trophy..more like a shot glass)

Final Scores:

Beer Me – 6
Tomato (one man band) – 26
The Team Formerly Known as N it 2 Win It – 30
N(e)2 – 30
McLovin – 36
Bla Bla Blah – 40
(3rd) Punkin Chunkin Trebuchet – 41
(2nd) Unfriendly Skies – 42
(1st) Lone Rangers – 42



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