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Barbie for President! October 22, 2008

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

You’re probably wondering what I’m talking about.  But on our final question of the night at Ogden Street South, you had to pick out the “careers” that Barbie has had.  She was in fact a Presidential Candidate in 1992 and 2004.  There was a United States President Barbie in 2000.  I was able to find a couple pictures of Barbie for President 2008.

The night was slow throughout the whole bar.  There wasn’t the normal guys playing poker, and really only one regular team that was playing trivia.  I managed to scrape up two more teams, for a total of 3.  This is just unacceptable!!  Where are my regulars??  I mean geez, we even were announced on the radio tonight.  You know folks, it’s only going to get colder, so you might as well get over it and get into the warm bar.

While they didn’t come to their usual Tuesday night to warm up, King Prawns, won the free drinks today.  They were able to get their whole bill paid for free!  While they didn’t like the Barbie question, they still came in two points ahead of the next team.

Go Phillies was doing the ultimate multi-tasking.  The lady of the team was playing trivia, watching the baseball game, and texting.  The guy on the team was playing trivia, watching the baseball game, and studying for the GMAT.  Whew am I glad that I’m not you guys.  In response to our talk about the standardized tests that we are required to take, here’s what I found:

GRE scores vs. GMAT scores

A GRE vs. GMAT score comparison is difficult, but in general the GMAT is the harder exam. Put side-by-side, the GMAT math and reading comprehension questions are more difficult for the comparable skill level. International students may find the GRE harder because of the vocabulary required. The question of GMAT or GRE will probably be determined by the requirements of the graduate programs. Virtually all major business schools require the GMAT as well as some graduate economics programs. The GRE is used for non-business related graduate programs.

 Staff Infection was back on the scene this week.  They haven’t played in many weeks, as they were too busy to play lately.  Sometimes they get in these little disagreements over who is right, Travis or all the girls.  Usually, the girls get it right- it is ladies night, remember.

As disappointed as I am to say this, that’s all the teams that we had playing tonight.

That’s What She Said & Short Bus, where the hell were you?

See you guys next week @ 8:30




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