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Newbies Rule! October 18, 2008

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

A lot of new blood at this last Thursday trivia night at the OC Thornton. And they ruled the house!

First I’ve got to mention the two cutest little answer couriers, named Cici and Amaya.  They brought the answers up for the team Nation Hollywood and they were soooo adorable! Alas, since they were only about 4 and 6 they were whisked off to bedtime before I could snap a shot of them.  So I settled for a pic of their aunt and uncle (Nation Hollywood).  Hope to see you again, girls!

Anyway, the trivia for the night was heavily contested.  Big Papi (newbies) and Cougar Hunters (repeaters) tied in the first round. The tie-breaker fell Big Papi‘s way.  Which was sad for CH because they didn’t do better than 3rd in any of the consequent rounds, and they’re usually the heavy favorites.  Still I like the fact that each time you show up, CH, you adopt a new name.  Love the creativity.

Bulldogs gave a good chase in the first round but had to leave so we never got to see whether they could have made a race for some prizes.

By Round 2 things were getting interesting.  Mojitos came from out of left field to win the round, but due to my poor math skills it turned out that Big Papi won as well.  So both got prizes – everyone was happy.

We saw  Hanzilla and DC who were both returners and usually provide some competition, end up with a luke-warm evening. Late-comers, Los Grande Huevos, got stronger as the evening progressed but not enough to break the top 3.

Mojitos won again in Round 3 by a half point, but it wasn’t enough to surpass Big Papi who took the top score for the night.

Props to Woodchuckers and Fat Faces who played well but only competed in the first two rounds.

Don’t know why but it was an unusually low scoring night for style points but my thanks to DC, Nation Hollywood, and Woodchuckers for providing the most entertaining answers of the night.

Looking forward to seeing you all again next week!

Ciao for now,

– Keith



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