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Mmmm… Fresh Brains October 10, 2008

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

It was good to see some returning faces but, it was mostly the new ones that put up a good fight this Thursday.  We started the night with a whopping 12 teams!

First round was really only a contest between two of the repeaters – Team Tim and Al Davis’ Sweat Pants (old team, new name).  Al Davis came out on top and won the first bucket of beer!

Chillin’ with the Gnommies couldn’t stay through the whole night but somehow they managed to incorporate Chuck Norris into every answer.  Hawkeyes, Dork AB, and JubblyWubbs also provided plenty of funny answers but were only around for Round 1.

Round 2 was the closest contested match. Heading into the last question, 6 teams could have won.

B.A.R.N. took the prize for the coolest name.  It started as an acronym for Broncos, Avs, Rockies, and Nuggets, but morphed continually throughout the evening to such names as Bartenders Are Really Needed, Barf Along Road Now, and so on and so on.  Loved, loved, loved the creativity you two!  There strongest round was 2nd Round where they missed top spot by 1 point.

Round 2 was the round for Dazed and Hoodlum Goldfish who tied. HG took the tie break and the first gift card of the night.

Project Hardhat missed the first round and came in just out of scoring range for the other two round. They posted good numbers but always just missed taking home a prize… but guys you gotta show up at the start to be serious contenders. Capisce?

A couple of teams where there throughout but were never in the fight; Hanzilla and Little Pueblo.  Bring in some reinforcements next time, will ya?

And a shout out to Dirty Wang who racked up more style points than anyone else.

Final round saw some great scores but it was Beached Whales that finished the round as the winner.  I think they could have won it all if they hadn’t missed round 1.

As it was Al Davis’ Sweat Pants, scored consistently round to round and ended up with the overall high score for the night.  You guys are making it a regular habit… but it looks like we are grooming some serious competition for you!

And props to the wonderful servers and bartenders at the OC on Grant.  You always make the night enjoyable.

Thanks, and ciao for now.

– Keith



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