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Royal Blue Takes The Gold! October 9, 2008

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

This week was the championship at Ogden Street South.  The teams that were eligible for the championship game had to have won at least one game in the last 10 weeks or been there for every single game for 10 weeks.  Kinda like “The Tournament of Champions” on Jeopardy.  There were 6 teams that were eligible for the $700 grand prize or the $150 second prize.  Of the six eligible teams, three of them showed up.  We had four other teams that played with us, and were offered money off their tab if they won.

they took the gold!

they took the gold!

Our winning team has won an amazing 4 of the 10 games of the tournament.  They won the extra hard championship game three points ahead of the next team.  That’s What She Said continued their team color theme.  This week it was “royal blue.”  I’m not sure if it’s coincidence or not, but they happened to pick the color they usually make blue ribbons out of.  But instead of a ribbon, they won a big gold beer pitcher.  Kinda like hockey players with the Stanley Cup, they got their picture taken with the trophy.  They started a color trend and their enthuiasm and tequila helped to win them the prize.  See you guys next week.

lime green except the brother who didn't have any

They also started wearing team colors and it got them the second place prize.  King Prawns is still pretty new to O.S.S. trivia.  They usually go to my Tuesday night trivia and have gone to our other Buzzwordz locations.  They’re smart chicks who were hoping for the science and geography questions.  Maybe next week.  Crystal, enjoy Florida, you better come back with a tan.  See you guys Tuesday at Charlie’s.

the team "captains"

the team "captains"

Short Bus was a a few questions short this week.  They skipped the last few weeks of trivia, and it obviously didn’t pay off for them.  They played 7 of the last 10 games with us and they were eligble for the grand prize due to them winning two games.  While I know we were playing trivia in a bar, it probably doesn’t help when a few of your players come in already drunk.  I would like to see you guys split up next week and see which half of the team knows more- Kat and Victoria or all the rest of you.  See you guys next week.  You better not take another week off without your mother calling me and telling me you won’t be there!

They played their very first game of trivia with us and weren’t eligble for the grand prize, but were eligble for the beer prize.  Sorta like a boobie prize, but so much better.  Meat Grippers stayed the length of the game and were just one point behind the second place winner.  I didn’t ask what your name meant, and I’m pretty sure that I don’t want to know, really.  You guys should come back and play with us again.  I promise the questions aren’t usually that hard.

Other teams that started to play but then decided the game was too hard:

Florida Fire was a couple of ladies who wouldn’t let me take their picture.  Well they let me take their picture, but it had to be on their camera, not mine.  I apologized for the questions being so hard, to which they responded, “it’s ok, we took the bar.”  Well excuse me, lawyer ladies.

They only played for a little bit and then they snuck out the door.  Slap Happy  was a new team that I’ve never seen at O.S.S., but if you’re reading this, you should come back next week.

SOC played for just a little bit while they waited for their food.   The second their dinner hit the table, they stopped turning in answers.  I waited for their answers for a bit, but they were much too busy eating.  Usually when people eat and play trivia, they walk up licking their fingers and turn in answer sheets that have finger prints of ketchup or wing sauce on them.  So for next time, you guys can do that.  I didn’t get their picture because they snuck out too early.

I’m gonna admit it guys, I love the enthuiasm and loyalty to trivia.  Not sure if that makes you Type C or Type A.  I’m gonna ahead and say that it’s about split.  Cause there is some competeition and strict adherance to the rules!

So next week won’t be for the big prize, but it will be for bar money.  Kinda like Monopoly money!  And I will promise that the questions won’t be as hard, cause we’ll be back to regular games.

see ya next week!




1. Jeff - October 10, 2008

Ouch Marci on the whole ‘are some members of our team smarter than others’ thing, ouch! Just what are you trying to say???? Personally I think they reason we lost was because we werent wearing awesome team shirts like the top two teams did. If only we had done that, maybe we would have won…..;)

2. Marci - October 10, 2008

hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. And you guys were expecting some shit talking, so I wouldn’t want to let you down

🙂 Marci

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