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No more blinky screen- Yay! October 8, 2008

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

So you may have noticed that I did not take any pictures yesterday- the batteries died and I couldn’t find any more from anyone.  I apologize for the flair-less blog folks.  On a brigher note- our trusty Sunday host, Collin, who frequents the Tuesday evening trivia saved the day… again!  This time he figured out why the screen kept flashing on and off last week, basically giving all of us seizures.  Thanks Collin!  Now we are all headache-free!

I thought yesterday was going to be kind of slow with the party going on upstairs and the dining room being closed off to trivia due to the debate- but somehow, as usual we had a bunch of teams playing!  Woo hoo!

Twigs and Berries- Awesome name this week:)  And great job numero uno!  I almost forgot to add in your first round points, I do apologize!  I see your team is expanding, AWESOME!!

I’m an Expletive Mind- Numero Dos!  And see Collin, I did not take an old picture of you to put up at your request.  Nice work in the 3rd round, that put you ahead of everyone else!

Mac Attack- Well lucky for you guys Fecal Coliform left, now you get the prize for 3rd!

Fecal Coliform-  I hope to see you back sometime!  Where did you go?!  You left right before the tie-breaker with I’m an Expletive Mind to see who would get second and who would get third.  Also, it was very nice of you to pass your free beers as round 2 winners to the other team.  That’s what we like to see around here!

Scallywags- Big test tomorrow or something?  You guys hardly stayed at all!  Also I heard a story about one of you bringing your Grandpa to OCs on your 21st birthday that made me chuckle, I’ll have to ask you about that next week.

Sexy Heels- You gave Jonah a scare!  He had everything set up for you and everything, which I had no idea he did, that is AWESOME!  Talk about VIP!

Bad Axes- No we are not in kindergarten.  Put the phone away anyhow:) 

Team #7- You are very good at your job.

Go Get ‘Em-  Good to see you back!  And united as one this time around:)

J & J-  I love the parenting style- little kids in bed at 8:30… big kids babysit while mom and dad go out.  Perfect!!!

Turnopio- You guys rocked second round, you should come back again and rock the whole game:)

Missy’s Team- For a super late start you guys did great!  Hope to see you back!

AJ-  Same goes for you!  We start at 7, every Tuesday. 

Ok folks have a great week, go see Collin on Sunday and we’ll see you next Tuesday!!!



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