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free gelato + cheap beer + fun trivia= happy birthday Jake October 2, 2008

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at Charlie's the birthday hats are a little different.

at Charlie's, our birthday hats are little bit different

We had another birthday at Charlie’s this week.   Jake, from Alleycat, our gelato maker had a birthday and brought us some gelato.  Too bad I’m lactose intolerant, cause White Chocolate Raspberry Gelato sounded wonderful.  We also had some cupcakes thanks to Renee, also from Alleycat.  Happy Birthday Jake!  Hope your Charlie’s celebration was wonderful.

third take

third take- just smile already!

JT won the first and second round.  They also got the prize for first place.  They were on their A-game tonight and even had Jason playing tonight.  They had 5 points more than the second place team.  Thanks for the shot and the massage, Tim.  If you were able to get points for sucking up, I’d give ’em to you!!

Second place tonight was Alleycat.  They were celebrating a birthday with beer, icecream, and cake.  Like they usually do, they won the third round and got the free pitcher.  While he might not look like it, Jake was celebrating his 29th birthday.  You guys really need to win one of the first rounds, so you can drink and then head out.  They all work early and need to leave the second the game is over.

They were sitting outside of the awning and outside of the heat.  They left before I even gave the prizes out!  King Prawns took third place this week.  You guys need to stay to claim your prize!!

We had lots of teams playing tonight:

Phyllis started out by himself, but then gained three other team mates.  They figured they were better in numbers.  They were granted the third place prize, since the actual winner had bugged out.  Phyllis has become a regular at trivia, he must really love us 🙂

While he played by himself, not with himself, he still managed to get quite a few points.  Team Ed snuck inside and played from there.  The smoke had chased him inside, but he kept playing.

Team 35 answered a few question and then disappeared into alcohol land.  Ironically, they started on round 3 question 5, maybe that’s what their name was about.  Not quite sure though.

Israel was a new team tonight.  They sat pretty far away and then left early.

We haven’t seen him in weeks, but he dropped in for a bit.  You might recognize the name, but you’ll know the picture.  Fake Afro Arrowhead got a few points before leaving.  He has chosen to tie-dye silk ties on Tuesday nights instead of trivia.  Be on the lookout for the new trend.

While I had to change my clothes in the car before trivia, I sure had a good night with you guys.  Thanks for the fun. (Next time we need sorbet).

Sorry, no staff picture, I wasn’t really feeling well, and really, neither was any of the staff.  Next week- I promise.

See ya tuesday!




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