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Thankfully We Weren’t in Baltimore! September 29, 2008

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

We played some Monday Night Football Trivia at Jackson’s.  Like usual, I let the trivia crowd pick my team.  They chose the Steelers for me. After I started talking shit on the team, they finally made a comeback and won. 

We had six teams playing tonight.  People started to wander out as the game went on.  Not only was it past their bed times, but the game went into overtime.  Since the football game went into over time, so did the trivia game.  I was hoping we wouldn’t have double over time, cause I would have run out of questions.  And if I ran out of questions, I would have just asked you questions about make up or something.

We ran the same drink specials tonight, $5 PBR Pitchers (not a bad deal), $5 Jager Bombs, and $2 Moose Drool Pints.  We didn’t get any shot specials, much to many people’s disappointment.

Our winners this week were second place from last week.  They have a different name, but they still look the same.  Whatever Damnit! took the game with a two point lead.  Very close to the end of the football game. They promised me they’d be back next week.  They’re even gonna leave work early to get a table in a couple of weeks.  That’s commitment!  Now only if I could find a man that was as commited to me as he was football!

Second place was claimed by Ax Da Geek.  They are actually from Pittsburg and in town on business for a couple of days.  I guess work still happens even when you’re team is playing MNF at home.  Funny thing about them that they’re out of towners.  Let’s see what’s in their suitcase: toothbrush, clean underwear, freshly pressed suit, and Steelers jersey.  That’s packing and prioritizing.  Hope you guys enjoy your stay in Denver!

Team CM, formerly “Cougar Hunters” won third prize.  The team started out two guys.  They added another guy.  Then there was a guy at the corner that kept giving him answers, so they recruited him.  All three original guys left and left the corner guy and his ladies to finish the game.  They won a PBR grab bag for third prize.  I snooped in the bag and saw some hats and bandanas and I believe a t-shirt.  You guys know where to find us next week!

If there was a fourth prize, it would have gone to R&A.  They started out just two guys.  Added another.  Original guys left.  Sounds familiar, huh.  Nothing like leaving when the team you’re rooting for is losing, cause you know, they ended up winning!  I’m sorry it was past your bed time.  Sunday games start earlier, but I don’t host on those nights.

Bunters were waiting and waiting for a shot special.  They weren’t too sure of the answers, so kept putting random things.  They took the answer for number one and put it on the answer sheet for number two.  Like we’d have the same answer twice.  Good way to throw you off.  Hmm…

They played for a while and then had to go to softball.  Jager Bombs played only for like an hour.  They promised to be back next week.  They also plan to stay longer as soon as their season is over.  Maybe they get to stay the whole game when the Bronco’s are playing.  Maybe they’ll even sit inside some time 🙂

Well that was the night.  Thanks for not leading me a stray with the Steelers. 

See you next Monday at 6:30 Vikings vs. Saints




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