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The King Prawns Have Earned Their Crown September 25, 2008

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

It was a night for a few new teams.  We also had a couple of regulars.  And the middle of it all, there were like 60 middle aged folk eating dinner and reuniting.  I’m not really sure why exactly they were there, but we had some people that were partaking in some food and beverages, but not trivia.  That’s ok though, I’m sure that the older people’s wouldn’t know many of the questions from tonight.  We had a lot of pop culture and current events.  There was also a weird variety of musicals and music bands and even a question about drag queens.

they're not really that scary

they're not really that scary

Overall, our scores weren’t as high as usual.  King Prawns, one of my regulars from a couple of locations finally won a game.  They’re used to the fill in the blank style and really get caught up on some of the questions that are multiple choice.  They sure knew Wu Tang Clan though, go figure.  They explained to me that their name is from the Muppet’s.  So in honor of Pepe, I quote “You tell him, and I will smack you. I will smack you like a bad, bad donkey, okay!”  Thanks for playing ladies!  Don’t forget to come back next week for more points, and well in two weeks for the championship.  Maybe I’ll see you Tuesday, ready to watch a fight.   (Pepe the King Prawn has his own myspace page, fyi).

They wore their team colors, but then left in shame when they lost.  That’s What She Said played tough the first round, but wasn’t able to hold it during the second round.  Maybe because a certain someone who called me a “nerd” sat at the table (he wasn’t wearing a white shirt).  To remain diplomatic, I will not mention any names.  So the ladies are trying to get some more spa packages before the championship, the guys, they don’t really get anything.

Jessticles was a new team tonight.  They hadn’t played trivia at O.S.S. before.  But I’m pretty sure they had a good time.  Well, at least they said they did.  I’m not really sure how they decided to head out to most casual bar in Washington Park, but I bet someone told them it’s the best place in town.  The guys on the team complained that they feel “dumb” because the questions were pretty focused towards ladies.  You guys did pretty good on the Wu Tang question though.  They want some more science questions, but I bet the rest of the bar would disagree with them.

They did the switch-a-roo again.  Kobra Kai starts as one guy and girl.  Halfway though the game, the girl leaves and another arrives.  Same guy stays and drinks.  So since they didn’t win, maybe we should blame it on the common denominator, the male in the group.  Oh not really, but it sounded like fun.  They’re pumped and ready for the championship.  It’s just an idea, but I think you all three should play for that game- it’s in two weeks. 

Cajun Hot Sticks wouldn’t really tell me what their name was about.  I guessed it was like Slim Jims, you know, those ground up and then shaped into a stick beef jerky things.  They said it indeed was not.  They did hint that it was something sexual though.  Just in case some elementary school kid is reading this, I won’t mention anything else.  But none of them looked Creole.  Hmm…

A couple team didn’t play tonight.  Staff Infection was busying being, well, staff.  Hopefully they get to play next week, cause I have a feeling in two weeks, it’ll be pretty busy again.  Short Bus, I just don’t know where you were.  Jeff showed up to my Monday night trivia, but the girls didn’t show up to my Tuesday night trivia.  And then none of them showed up to my Wednesday night trivia.  What a disappointment!!  Maybe it was your turn to win and you blew it!  See you next week?

  WK 1 WK 2 WK 3 WK 4 WK 5 WK 6 WK 7 WK 8 WK 9
Bad Larry 14
Blonde Ambition 14 15
Cajun Hot Sticks 10
Destroyers 12
Dick Holes 14
The Eejits 16
Fisters 18
Funny Feeling in Your Pants 7
Girl Scouts 18
Hardest Parts 18
Hopebra 4
Jessticles 13
King Prawns 22 16 16 18 *21
Kobra Kai *18 12 13
Menno’s 11
Oh Snap 18
Pimpalicious 17
RMRB *20
Scrantonicity 17
Short Bus *19 18 18 23 *22 16 19
Smooth 16
Staff Infection 21 17 13 14 16 13
Team Awesome 7
That’s What She Said 19 *23 20 18 *27 14 16 *23 15
The Bundts 6
Thug Life (LC) 6 *21
Triff 9  
Twisted Panties 11

So if there’s a star next to your name, you’re invited to the championship on 10/8/08.  The prizes are $700 for first place and $150 for second place.

the coolest staff around

the coolest staff around

See you next Wednesday!




1. Jeff - September 26, 2008

Sorry we didnt make it on Wednesday Marci, some of us got last minute FREE tickets to Counting Crows/Maroon 5 that night. I know, excuses, excuses but c’mon, you can pass up free concert tickets right? We still love you…:)

Jeff – Short Bus

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