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I Love It When You Scream (Cause You Got the Right Answer) September 17, 2008

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

Ogden Street South trivia sure is getting popular!  We had lots of teams and a whole lot of noise tonight.

We had mostly returning teams, but a few new members on those teams.  This was week 8 of the ten week tournament.  There’s just two more weeks before we have the championship.  In order to get into the championship, you either had to win a game or played every single game in the tournament.  So far, there are 5 teams eligible for the championship.  There were two teams that won more than once.

no, it's not a funeral

no, it's not a funeral- it's trivia

They seemed to have recovered from their slump.  That’s What She Said pulled out the team colors and their old enthusiasm and won the game.  They came four points ahead of the next team.  They said they liked the black shirts, but we’ll see what color they wear next week.  They even sorta kicked someone off the team because he didn’t wear the regulation black shirt.  Maybe we could even get a team mascot, that might help even more!

Pat and his harem

Pat and his harem

Short Bus

seems to have run out of gas.  They won a few weeks ago, but have been coasting ever since.  With their win, it did get them a spot into the championship in a few weeks.  We know that one’s going to be intense, so it’s an up-hill bus ride from here.  I think it helped when you guys came to Charlie’s the night before.  When’s the next inservice day??

Maybe they were triviad out, since they went to trivia on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Or they were just sick of me.  King Prawns had even changed their name to “Kings of Wrong Answers” at one point in the game.   They brought in some help this week, but didn’t get the kind of questions they were hoping for.  They want Harry Potter questions.  I’m not sure that would be super popular if we had 24 questions about magician kids.

While I didn’t think they would even come back, F.O.B. made another appearance.  They confirmed my thoughts from last week about their name.  They are “Fresh Off the Boat.”  Funny, maybe they’re from a “Short Boat.”  No no, I’m not saying you’re dumb.  I’m just trying to find some similarities in the names here.

A-Team has members that have gone by multiple names.  Katie has been on several teams in the past.  And then last week a couple of them were Blonde Ambition.  But there was a brunette tonight, and they didn’t want to leave her out, so they just got a new name.  They did stay for the whole game, which was unusual for their team.  See you guys next week!

You guys had them working too hard, so Staff Infection didn’t get to play very much.   They did know the Cosby kids though.  Maybe we should just make the bar self serve for a while so that they can enjoy the game and play too.  I know they’d love the prize.  Travis tried to steal the prize from the winner tonight, I think he was trying to say that he wants to get nearly naked and get rubbed down by some chick.

Kobra Kai was the winner from last week.  They weren’t able to keep the torch.  They actually left early, so you can’t win if you don’t answer all of the questions.  And had you won and left, well, I’d gladly claim the prize for you!  This team is funny in that they work in shifts.  One girl does the first half of the game, the other girl does the second half of the game.  Funny that they’re always doing the same half though.  So the second half could win every time and then take every prize.  Hmm…

Lexher just answered a few questions and then left.  Funny though, I didn’t get your picture.  But since you weren’t there very long, I can’t remember what you looked like anyways.

  WK 1 WK 2 WK 3 WK 4 WK 5 WK 6 WK 7 WK 8
Bad Larry 14
Blonde Ambition 14 15
Destroyers 12
Dick Holes 14
The Eejits 16
Fisters 18
Funny Feeling in Your Pants 7
Girl Scouts 18
Hardest Parts 18
Hopebra 4
King Prawns 22 16 16 18
Kobra Kai *18 12
Menno’s 11
Oh Snap 18
Pimpalicious 17
RMRB *20
Scrantonicity 17
Short Bus *19 18 18 23 *22 16 19
Smooth 16
Staff Infection 21 17 13 14 16 13
Team Awesome 7
That’s What She Said 19 *23 20 18 *27 14 16 *23
The Bundts 6
Thug Life (LC) 6 *21
Triff 9  
Twisted Panties 11

Don’t forget to come back next week.  Maybe we’ll have somebody dressed up a costume as a mascot.  That’d be great!

See you next Wednesday.  Be my “friend” if you want www.myspace.com/MarciBuzzwordz




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