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I’m forgetful and I can’t add. At least I’m fun September 17, 2008

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

Sorry that my blogging is about 12 hours late today.  I tend to blog while I’m “working” at my day job.  I forgot the answer sheet at home, and damn it, it was a slow morning at work.

The night started slow, like usual.  But by the end of the game, we had 10 teams playing, not bad.  We ran the usual weekly drink specials.  And we managed to get a few guys to take their shirts off.  Mostly though, it was just the bar staff running around half naked.  I’m not going to complain.

the girls doin their thing

the girls doin their thing

I accidentally announced them as the third place team, but King Prawns was really the first place team.  Luckily, these ladies were keeping me on my toes.  They still took the smaller prize though, because they care more about pride than prize.  It was just the ladies of the team tonight.  Maybe we should consider changing their name to Queen.  They have been MIA for a few weeks, but plan to make it up by going to trivia two nights in a row.  Let’s see if they can hold the torch for a second night.

I got tall for this one

I got tall for this one

Second place was JT, who also won the pitcher in the second round.  I had initally declared them the winners, but then retracted.  Maybe if you swoosh your hair more, Tim, you’ll be able to get more points.  Or it’s cause the girls have better hair that they won.  Either way, I’ll see you guys next week.

Alleycat took third after winning last week.  They started the game strong and won the first round by two points, but slowed down in the end.  They had some different members.  I finally dragged my room mate out, and she joined their team.  She said you guys made her feel stupid.  Be nice to Bobbi!  Keep building your team up.  Oh, and Al, don’t forget to call me when you’ve got your nephew in town.  Wait, I forgot to ask if he’s cute or not.

Our other teams that played but didn’t get any prizes:

I guess they think that sexual pleasure isn’t right or they don’t like felines, Every Time You Mastrubate, God Kills a Kitten  was a new team tonight.  They are just getting used to the competetion of trivia night at Charlie’s.  You should try again next week!

Maybe their name suggests they’re waiting for something,Sooners was another new team at Charlie’s tonight.  They tried pretty hard.  But I think they drank even harder.  Come back next week, we’ve got the same game and the same specials!

Biggins didn’t really tell me what their name was about.  Neither of them were very big, and one was relatively small.  They were yet another new team.  Bet they didn’t think that a bunch of gay guys would get so pumped up about trivia 🙂

Phyllis looking tall, cause he was so smart

Phyllis looking tall, cause he was so smart

For the second week in a row, I got Phyllis to play a whole game.  He wasn’t far behind the winners, and he was flying solo.  Imagine if there were three of him, he’d just kick everyone’s ass!

That's what Trevor looks like after he touched a girl's boob

That's what Trevor looks like after he touched a girl's boob

They changed their name around this week, but I bet you can still guess who this regular team really is.  Drink & Shut Up were sad that the rest of their team had ditched them.  Hopefully the team will be back in full force soon.

Queer Eyes came and played, but just for a few questions.  I didn’t even get a picture of them.  It was a mere two people playing on their team this time.

They were working, so didn’t turn in many answers.  Germs M&Ms even got so crazy that they took their shirts off.   Oh wait, they always work with no shirts on.  Saves on laundry that way!

Well we had a pretty crazy night that I really didn’t want to end.  Except then I have to get up the next morning.  I did notice that you snuck out without saying goodbye, Al.  I guess you turned into a pumpkin at the strike of 11.

Jon think's we'd make beautiful babies

Jon think's we'd make beautiful babies

See you guys next week!

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