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Tuesdays at the Glenn with Preacher! September 16, 2008

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzz Bee, Buzzwordz Trivia.

Another Tuesday and another night with Preacher at the Glenn! We had a slow start but the bar filled up fast once the trivia started. Where were YOU on Tuesday?

Round 1 and we’ve got coffee, Belize, Canadiens, and Johnny Cash. For some reason when the soap opera question came up all the women in the teams were on top of it, and I swear I heard a unified “Oooh that’s from Fight Club” whisper from every team when the soap question came up. The round shook out with God’s of Wrong Answers taking the win with only a single point.

Round 2 and a couple more teams joined into the fray. The scores stayed well tied through the first have of the round with FOP and Gods of Wrong Answers battling for the lead. New comers team Trojan and Debi’s Team, the lone gunman from a previous, unnamable team, struggled to keep up, and Lone Dawg, finally made it in and jumped in as well. With the final question, again, Gods of Wrong Answers took the round.

Round 3 and sadly, I had to admit a mistake. The Seattle Seahawks had changed to the AFC (or was in NFC?) by the time of the record and so God’s of Wrong Answers got a bonus point for catching it. Nonetheless, they were no competition for Debi’s Team who knew all the colors in Reservoir Dogs to gain the lead, winning the round.

Star Wars Fact of the Day: Anthony Daniels as C-3PO and Kenny Baker, who played R2-D2, are the only actors credited with being in all six Star Wars films.

Signing off, this is Preacher.



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