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September 15, 2008

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

The night started pretty weird.  There was a Rockies game across the street that started the same time as Monday Night Football.  Even though I’m a Rockies fan, I really didn’t care much about their came, cause I was promoting MNF Trivia at Jackson’s.  The bar started pretty full, but then emptied out around 6:45. 

There was all kinds of drink specials.  $5 PBR pitchers, $5 Jager bombs, $2 Moose Drool pints.  We also had some things to watch for to get shot specials.  Whew, we had like 3 shot specials in the first quarter, two in the second, and then none in the third and fourth.  I guess after all the drink specials, it was time to cut people off at the end of the night anyways.

We started with a mere two teams, but just a few minutes in to the first quarter, we had rounded up more teams.  By the end of the game, I had 13 teams on the score board.

wanted- the winners that didn't take get their prize

wanted- the winners that didn't get their prize

Our first place team came in a little bit late, but they caught up and passed the rest of ya’ll.  Then they left without claiming their prize.  I guess Scorpions really don’t care much about free beer, but know their football.  Thank you for playing guys, even if I did have to surrender your prize to someone else.

Team Kat started playing the game pretty late, but they kicked ass and took my name later.  They were way back in the bar in a booth, but they played anyways.  Thankfully, they had a youthful one on their team that could do the running with the answer.  And from what I hear, that same youthful one knew a lot of the answers.  I’m going to make you stick to your promise that you guys will be here next week!  I mean, afterall, we did share some hugs.

While the first two won the prizes, we had other teams that played as well.

If there was a third prize, they would have had it.  Just one point behind the second place winner was 406.  They were sure they were going to win, but then the Scorpions sat down at a table behind them.  They were apprehensive to getting their picture taken, and well also playing trivia.  But I’m pretty sure they had fun anyways.

Cowboy Killerz wanted more NFL questions and less College questions.  I asked them if they wanted to play trivia and they gave me weird looks.  I joked with them that the guy could do all the answers and the girl could have the prize.  But they corrected me and told me that it was the female in the relationship that was more of a sports fan.  Way to break the stereotype!

They came back for more this week, because they like the trivia so much.  Gimme Yo $ thinks that I have some to give.  While they didn’t score a monitary prize, they did get some coozies, and took full advantage of the multiple shot specials.  If I were psychic, I’d say you guys would be back next week.

Jackie Moon played for a while and then left without saying goodbye.  Maybe they were thinking that if they didn’t say anything, I wouldn’t notice.  But I did.  Thanks for playing the little while that you did.

LP threw in an answer on a couple of questions, but then decided that drinking was more important than thinking.  Come back next week!

They played for a little while, but then went to get game.  JR Rocks even missed the photos.  The Rockies lost, you should have just stayed and played at Jackson’s.  But now you know for next time…

The Boys oh the boys.  They came in at the beginning of the 3rd.  They said they were celebrating one of their 21st birthdays.  I didn’t check id, so I don’t really know the validity of that.  They were bragging at 9:30 that they had already drank 6 pitchers between the three of them- and a round of shots- and whatever they drank after I left.  They must have been celebrating something!

Kev Mo started toward the end of the 3rd.  They still managed to sneak in 8 points, which was hella good for that little amount of time!  Trivia starts when the game starts, if you guys want to play next week 🙂

He had his suitcase and book and claimed to be the “Trivia Master” from the National Trivia Association.  But Cowboys was only able to score one point.  Hopefully you don’t get that title revoked, mister.

I think the name fart would have been better than Anal Musk.  These guys came from the Rockies game to watch the MNF and play trivia with us.  They didn’t start until the third, but still did pretty well.  They thought they had the advantage of being able to just hand me their answers, since they were sitting close, but sometimes I was just too busy.

Cowboy Leo was part of a big team that was in the back.  He had agreed to play the game, but then didn’t want to walk his answers up to me.  He also didn’t want to move to the front part of the place.  I’m sensing some high maintenance here.

When I got to Jackson’s, the pay lots weren’t opened up yet.  So I parked at a meter.  I ran out and threw change in that thing a couple of times.  But the second quarter seemed to go on forever.  So by like 20 minutes, I managed to get myself a parking ticket.  I think I should just be called the parking ticket queen.  How many parking tickets does one get before they boot you?  Guess I should be more careful!

Well hopefully I will see you next week, at the best place to be for Monday Night Football, Jackson’s!




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