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Meow Says Alleycat September 10, 2008

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

We started the night pretty slow, with just three teams playing.  People started wandering into the bar and by the end, we had 9 teams!  I heard Monday Night Football at Charlie’swas pretty crazy, so I bet that people were recovering before they could ingest more alcohol tonight.

How happy I was that we finally got people to play!  And also I was very happy that I had safely hidden the prizes so they weren’t snatched this week.

We had lots of drink specials this week.  50¢ Miller High Life, $2 Absolute Drinks, 1/2 price wells and domestic bottles if your shirt was off.  And a new special (my favorite)  $3.50 New Belgium Fat Tire and Sunshine Wheat.

yay for free beer!

Our first place team hasn’t come in on top in quite a while.  Last week I blogged about the team size of Alleycat, and now they’re double and winners.  A little suggestion goes a long way!  They won every round this game and came in 12 points ahead of second place.  By the second pitcher, Al was pretty drunk and admitting it.  While Al snuck out right after the game ended, the rest of the team either drowned their sorrows in beer or celebrated.

The Cock Towerswas a new team that I’ve never met.  They came in part way into round  two and then kicked ass.  They were so confident that they said “If we would have been here when it started, we would have beat them.”  I challenge you guys to bring it.  Cause alcohol makes people brave and think they’re smart, but we’ll see if you prioritize Trivia Night at Charlie’s for next week.

Our third place winner, Team Venture, left before I could award them with their prize.  They started during round two, and still managed to be on the scoreboard.  I hunted them down for a while and couldn’t even snap a picture of them.  I’ve got a few suggestions for you guys:  1.  You guys need to stay to get your prize.  2.  If you play from the start, you have a better chance at winning.

Since the third place team left, I was going to give the prize Drunkin Rugby.   They came in with a pretty good score, and well, they had gotten drunk by the end.  They even turned in an answer that they had dropped in their drink.  I think the name speaks for itself.

Without a high scoring team to award the prize to, we let people play a little guessing game in the way of a tie breaker to get the leftovers.  First we played a song and asked the artist.  But none of you knew it!  (That’s ok, neither did I).  Then we did a number thing where you had to guess.  Jake from Alleycat took the prize home for that one.  See Jake, the day started out shitty and well, you ended up trying to get shit faced drunk!

I threatened and begged them to come out tonight, (ok, not really) since we haven’t seen them in a while.  Queer Eyes was in for the game.  Jessy hobbled to the bar because he’d hurt his back.  But you and I both know that alcohol kills physical and emotional pain.  Way to self medicate!

Tim trying to grab a prize or something

JT was running late because he had to work.  I think his employer just doesn’t understand that trivia night, Charlie’s, and Marci all come before work.  Tim was hoping that his team was here to hold them together before he arrived, but he was wrong.  He started the game by himself, about half way into round two.  You better tell TJ Maxx that you’ll never win a prize if you’re late!

he didn't want his picture taken!

he didn

He usually doesn’t play the whole game and tends to give me some really drunken answers.  But tonight, Phylliss played the whole game with us!  He scored pretty high for being all alone!  If anybody reading this wants to win a game, you should join Phylliss at the back corner of the bar (he’s even seated right near a tv screen).

The Boys Behind The Bar decided the throw some answers in near the end of the game.  I didn’t capture a picture of them this week, but it’s Matt, Jeremy, and Mike.  You can find them a bit lower with me in the luau picture.  They’re hot!

One team turned in a few answers, but then didn’t land on the scoreboard.  He disappeared before I could get his picture.  Uncle Tom’s Cabin, come back next week and play the game with us.  If you play from the beginning, the questions are easier, you started in the middle.

We had a pretty calm night, but then it got cranked up when AJ got the whole patio to sing and dance for a Grease musical.  We even paused the trivia game for a show like that.  That was awesome!  Thanks AJ!

Bryan- if you’re reading this, you’re in trouble.  Your team promised me that you’d be here every week.  You let me down, you brats.  I even threw a Tuaca question in just for you guys, since you were requesting one last week.  Oh, and the MIA list goes on… Chris, Matt, Zach.  And my straight girls from Short Bus, Kat, Victoria, and Maria. I notice when you’re not there.  Beer ‘n’ Buzzin was also no where to be found tonight.  I hope to see all you trivia skippers next week!  We were also missing King Prawns.  Andrew was there, but he didn’t play the game.

In a weekly quote from Al, “Thanks for the party!”




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