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Monday Night Trivia Football- We Scored! September 9, 2008

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

We piloted a new concept tonight and it was amazing!  We played a trivia game during the commercial breaks of a sports game.  And to boot, we asked football questions!  What a brilliant idea and a huge hit!

Sometimes during the breaks, people make phone calls or take bathroom breaks.  And being that the smoking laws are such as they are, some people dip outside to the patio to smoke.  Not these guys!  I really didn’t see anybody leave the bar area during the whole game- I kept them busy.  Sheesh, and you guys kept me busy too!

I had so many teams tonight, I was sometimes scurrying to tally them up.  At the peak of the game, I had 17 teams playing.  That was more teams than I had room for on my score sheet.  And since you all had fun, I have this gut feeling that we’ll have even more next week 🙂  Oh yeah, that means you need to tell your friends and your enemies, so you have some more competition.

I’m going to apologize ahead of time if I didn’t get a picture of your team tonight (that just gives you a reason to come back).  I think I need a photographer for this one.  Ha.  Maybe I’ll set up a “photo shoot” and make you come up to me.  It’s an idea…

We had lots of drink specials tonight!!  $2 Moose Drool Draft (yummy dark beer, that was my pick)  $2 Amstel Light  $5 Coors Pitchers  $5 Jager Bombs.  We also had some shot specials if certain things happened during the game.  We managed to hand out one shot special for that- $2 Kamikaze’s.  We initially were going to have just two prizes.  But Brett, the manager, decided that since there were so many of you folks playing, he’d throw in another prize.

They were already toasting before they even won!

They were already toasting before they even won!

Our first prize winner of our very first Monday Night Football Trivia Night was Naked Bootleggers.  One of these guys was in from Kansas City, so maybe they get naked out there.  I really didn’t have an idea what the name was about, thought they were just hitting on me 🙂  But thankfully to google, I looked it up.  I still liked the idea of them hitting on me.  Our naked guy from Denver said he’ll try to bring out some more people.  You’ve got a trophy to hold onto!

Just one point from first was Chuck’s Lil Wang.  Didn’t find out who Chuck is.  Did find out that these cats work at Jackson’sor did work there before they were fired.  Heh,  you shouldn’t have revealed the truth to me.  The internet tells all.  Ok, I’ll keep the canned ones anonymous though.  With any luck, you’ll be off again next Monday and able to come try to get first prize.

RNR was our winner of third prize and $10 on their tab.  Robert, Nick, and Ryan had a few friends stop down and play for a lil bit.  The friends must have been either real rich or in AA, cause they only drank half of their beers.  Hope to see you guys again, say, next week??

Other teams that played some mad trivia tonight:

Packers fans that didn't really care about the Bronco's game

Packers fans that didn't care so much about the Bronco's game

They had been watching the Packer’s game somewhere before they happened upon Jackson’sTha Bitches! Da Packers bailed out of the game during the third.  They’re troopers since they drank for almost two games though.  Next time you guys should just start and stay at Trivia/ Monday Night Football.

J-Bday  played for a while and then bailed.  It was a pretty big team.  I’m guessing they were celebrating a birthday, but that’s just a hunch.

They waited all night for a shot special, but the only had one shot each.  Orange Crush  was wearing old school team gear.  They sat at the bar and watched the game, yet were always running their answers like they were in the back dining room.  I just don’t get it!   (No hard feelings guys)

Green, you turned in some answers and then disappeared.  You can’t win in if you don’t play the whole game!  Wait, you left early… were you Raiders fans?!

Car Ramrods played a majority of the game.  Then they disappeared.  There were so many teams that I couldn’t figure out who they were to snap a picture before they snuck out.

They like to fold every answer even though I tell them they don’t have to.  But hey, it’s cool with me.  Gimme Yo $$must have thought I’m rich with that kind of name.  Maybe the female of the team was telling the male player of the team that.  Hmm..

still dressed in their kick ball attire

still dressed in their kick ball attire

Royal  Tenenballs name had me thrown off until they told me they had come from kick ball.  The name made sense.  Man, I miss that game.  Just kicking a rubber ball as far and hard as you could.  It always seems to hurt when I kick the wall.

Jersey tried to convince me that they take crappy pictures.  But you guys are just full of crap.  The guy on the left is from New Jersey, I’m sorry if I offended your hair.  But really, you should have decided to stay another week so you could play trivia again.  They liked my self portraits that were on my camera and convinced me to put one at the bottom of the blog, to show my team spirit.

They took so long explaining about what their team name meant that I forgot their actual names.  BC United, I found is a play on words for the soccer team DC United.  Since you wouldn’t tell me your names again, I’m just going to call you “Bonnie” and “Clyde.”  Funny that Bonnie is bigger than Clyde in this instance.  Come back next week guys!

They’re Manly Maids and I totally need someone to clean my house for me.  If you’re really maids, I could use some help!

Big Dog played for just a little bit and then disappeared.  It was a solo guy sitting at the bar.  Maybe his wife called and told him to get home.

If People Shouldn’t Eat Animals, Why Are They Made Out Of Meat turned in a couple of answers then disappeared.  I really wanted to give you props on your name, but never saw you past the first quarter.

While I think your team name is your real name, it still make me want to sing.  Cisco wasn’t really asking to see panties, his girl probably wouldn’t have been happy with that.

Outbound ate and played trivia.  But then the young guys from their team dipped out after the parents footed the bill.  Oh I don’t know, just guessing.  Every time I had a second to get their picture, they were watching the game or eating wings.  I did invite them to my Tuesday night trivia.  There’s always musicals in there!  Hope to see you guys soon!

Whew, and that was it for teams.  I say that like there was only two.  Since this was just our first week, we’ll have more specials and maybe different prizes next time.  You’ll just have to come back and see!

And of course, I showed some team spirit.

This game is now a weekly thing, well until football is over.  (My schedule says December 22nd)

See you guys next week!




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