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Tuesday Nights at The Glenn with Preacher September 4, 2008

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzz Bee, Buzzwordz Trivia.

It is another fantastic Tuesday night at The Glenn and that means it’s time for Buzzwords Trivia! After a long and restful Labor Day weekend, everyone was ready to play. Tonight’s line up included the forever faithful Gods of Wrong Answers, the semiformed Real Dawgs, the lone Housermandaddy, the mavericks FOP, and the newcomers Team Jahonas.

Round 1 and all the teams were looking to prove themselves. Team (though you can’t really call just 1 person a “team” can you?) Housermandaddy made some excellent advances against some of the more experienced teams. Team Jahonas, who was celebrating a birthday tonight, focused mostly on the drinking aspect of the game, and the Real Dawgs, short a few team members tried valiantly, but at the end of round 1 there was a 3 way tie between Gods of Wrong Answers, Housermandaddy, and FOP. 1 misread answer by me, and a subsequent correction and Housermandaddy is round 1 winner!

Round 2 and team Gods of Wrong Answers blew this one away. They owned the first 3 categories and kept a huge lead through the entire round. Way out in front, they took this one down with ease, proving that the best way to win, is by not having to go to a tie-breaker.

Round 3 and now everyone is fired up. The point lead goes back and forth between Gods of Wrong Answers, Real Dawgs, FOP, and Housermandaddy all round. It came down to the final question to decide who was going to take it home, and with a slight lead, Gods of Wrong Answers comes in for the win, taking home their second of the night.

Star Wars Fact of the Day: The famous – and often imitated – opening crawl for Star Wars was co-written by Brian De Palma, the director of Scarface. It begins “It is a period of civil war. Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil Galactic Empire.”

Signing off, this is Preacher.



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