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Short Bus Has Refueled September 4, 2008

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

I hope ya’ll heard the little announcement about Ogden Street South Trivia on 93.3’s “Downtown Lodown.”  Yeah, we’re making it big!  We have expanded to 18 locations in Colorado (with some places having more than one night such as O.S.S.)  We are also in Texas and will be in Seattle soon.  When all you can think about is trivia, you’re going to remember when Buzzwordz was a name you couldn’t spell.

Despite Nick Cage supporting my trivia night on the radio, we had a mere six teams playing tonight.  I’m going to blame it on John McCain.  Now I’m sure I can’t vote for him, since he crashed my party.

I want to apologize in advance for the pictures.  My camera died and I had left my charger at home.  There was a bottle or hairspray that went crazy in my bag, so I had to take a bunch of insignificant, but important stuff out.  Thankfully- I had a trusty cell phone to finish the job.

The Short Bus has only missed one game so far in this tournament.  They have been unable to win since the very first week.  They tend to do well the first round and then lose it during the second.  Maybe they didn’t drink as much tonight, cause they kicked ass.  They came in 6 points ahead of everyone else.  Keep it up guys!  I got to see three of these girls two nights in a row at trivia.  Boy what fans!  I want to remind you ladies to find some more teachers.

Staff Infection played more consistently tonight, even though they were waiting on folks.  There was a couple answers they just couldn’t get.  It’s funny how they argue about the answers.  The staffers here are so different from eachother, that they can get a wide range of topics correct.  But I guess because they’re all so strong willed, they like argue about it.

We haven’t seen them in a while because they’ve been playing with a rival company.  The Eejits returned after about a 6 week hiatus.  I wasn’t sure I would see them again.  But they returned.  The estrogen holder of this team is trying to get herself another day at the spa!

I accused them of sleeping tonight.   Usually they’re more energetic and well, correct.  That’s What She Said wasn’t a very strong contender tonight.  Funny though, there’s two Republicans on this team that passed an evening in front of the television for trivia.  You guys make me feel so special.  I’m looking forward to these team shirts next week…

Destroyers attempted to do just that.  They came in during the second round and ended up with a terrific score for that round.  They’re newbies who said they plan to come back next week.  Regulars: you better study real quick!

Their name reminded me of the Wonder Bra, but they were Hopebra.  They were there for dinner and just played while they ate.  They snuck out between rounds.


And I still managed to get someone to take us a staff picture!

See you guys next week!  My camera will be charged, I promise!


Championship will be on 10/8/08

Bad Larry 14
Destroyers 12
Dick Holes 14
The Eejits 16
Fisters 18
Funny Feeling in Your Pants 7
Girl Scouts 18
Hardest Parts 18
Hopebra 4
King Prawns 22 16 16
Oh Snap 18
RMRB *20
Scrantonicity 17
Short Bus *19 18 18 23 *22
Smooth 16
Staff Infection 21 17 13 14 16
Team Awesome 7
That’s What She Said 19 *23 20 18 *27 14
The Bundts 6
LC (Thug Life) 6 *21
Triff 9  


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