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Newbies Rock…….. September 4, 2008

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

WOW!!!! What a night at the OC in WheatRidge.  We had plenty of regulars and a lot of newbies.  I am glad that I can start to put faces with team names as they come up with their answers because I don’t think anyone from my rookie week had the same team name.  Well along with being a new team 303 didn’t do so well in the beginning but by the end of round 3 they were in the mix of things quite well.  Although they did inform me at the end of the night that their ringer player is leaving for undergrad school at Stanford.  But they also said they had a great time and will be back next week with their thinking caps on.  Cooters and I’m A Pepper 

THE 303

THE 303


Cooters.....yes we are having fun

Cooters.....yes we are having fun

I'm A Pepper likes the host they shared beer

I'm A Pepper, liked the host and shared beer.

were one team split into two.  Both were new teams and well lets just say there was a definate line drawn down the middle of the table. I’m A Pepper ran away with two rounds of beer but couldn’t quite hold on in the end. We took a vote and best team name went to McCain is my Bush

Best team name for 9/3/08

Best team name for 9/3/08

who happens to be a regular team.  Nothing Trumps Vagina

He who has no voice takes 1st place over all.

He who has no voice takes 1st place over all.

took 1st over all and 2nd best team name.  They also had a team member with no voice in the answers of the game…..no really he had laringites.  Conservative Values (save a condom) had a great come from behind third round to take 2nd over all.  We should have given a prize for the team that traveled the furthest.  That would have been GO CUBS 

They are Conservative Values

They are Conservative Values


He definatly knw who Steve Bartman was.

He definatly knew who Steve Bartman was.

 who came to Colorado to get away from hurrican Gustave.  Another regular team in attendence was Our Name Sucks 

They will be back next week to play for free beer.

They will be back next week to play for free beer.

they seem to have a slightly off night but have guarenteed that they will be back in full swing of things next week.  We also had a great looking team, Golden who took off after the second round they were another new team, I think we might have scared them off a little bit.  I guess the theme of the night was that there were a lot of cherries popped, as it was my virgin night alone, and we had a handful of new teams that are willing to come back and hopefully bring more bodies.  Reminder this location is going to be having Monday Night Football Trivia on….well….Monday night.  This week it will only be during the Bronco Game at 8:15pm.  Natasha will be your host.  Also if you can’t wait til Wednesday to see me come see me at the OC in Broomfield/Westminster on Saturday night at 9pm.  It will be their vigin night so come on and show them how it is done.



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