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Friday Night at Old Chicago with Preacher September 4, 2008

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzz Bee, Buzzwordz Trivia.

We had a great time at Old Chicago in Superior this week. This game is shaping up to be a great time and the fans keep coming back. Once again we had some familiar faces with some new players and even the staff getting in on a round or two.

Round 1 and everyone was ready to play. The A-Team came back for yet another night and were the team to beat every round, really setting the standard for all the players. The staff team, naming themselves simply Staff Team came out swinging and team Car Ramrod and the originally reluctant, but suddenly enthused team Carter kept pace. A little fight over the shortest sentence in the English language (“Go” was a popular choice and technically correct) and we finished the round with team Flaming Idiots in the lead and A-Team winning a round of Drinks on the bonus question.

Round 2 and a new team gets into the mix: team Ace, late entry in this cumulative game, but devious in there subtlety, answering the first 2 questions perfectly. Again, a little controversy over the teams that don’t have names on their uniforms, but other than that a fun and smooth round. Now in the lead is A-Team with Flaming Idiots close behind and Team Money, who have been fraternizing with Team Awesome all night, in a near third.

On to Round 3, and the competition is heating up. Team Octopushers has consolidated with the Flaming Idiots, and the Staff Team has lost their gumption, deciding to “serve their customers” rather than play like champions. Psh, what wimps! The surprise of the round, Team Ace, the late starters make an incredible run. With the bonus points and real points all tallied, there is a 3 way tie for 2nd place. Teams Money, Flaming Idiots, and Ace all were competing to place. With 3 very close guesses (all within 5 years of each other), team Money took the silver with A-Team taking the gold.

Star Wars Fact of the Day: Director George Lucas originally had a contract with Fox for $150,000 for writing and directing Star Wars. But he cannily insisted on total control and 40% of merchandising – something the studio agreed to because they had no idea of what a phenomenon Star Wars would become.

Signing off, this is Preacher.



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