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CU-CSU vs. Ogden Street South Trivia September 1, 2008

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Holy crap did we have a lot of people playing trivia at Ogden Street South!   Since one of the biggest Colorado football games of the year was on tv, we had to compete with that.  We started a little bit late, so we could let people watch the game.  And when we did start, we didn’t do audio the first round, I just had to run around.  Oh yeah, and I’m not the regular Sunday host.  I host trivia at Ogden Street South on Wednesday evenings.

Despite all of those changes, we had an impeccable 13 teams that we playing trivia.  While not every team played the whole time, they’re still on the books and turned in some answers.

Our winning team, Platypus, snuck up from behind during round three and ended up taking the game.  They started with five on their team, but ended with a mere two players.  They wanted me to remind everyone that they did have more friends that were playing.  It seems that these guys hold the trophy for winning nearly every Sunday at Ogden Street South.  Way to go guys!

Team 303 took the prize for second place.  They lost the tie breaker in round two, but still were able to rack up more points during round three.  During the football game, they were actually cheering more for the trivia than the sports!  Enjoy using your gift certificate guys, $30 can go a long way!  I think I may have convinced them to play trivia with us on Wednesday 🙂

Sarah Palin for VP- Very Porkable snuck up from behind and grabbed the prize for third.  They were able to win the tie breaker and guess more accurately the population of Colorado Springs.  I haven’t seen these guys in a while, since they haven’t been to a Wednesday trivia night lately.



We had a lot of other teams that played that deserve recognition:

They were tough competition last week, but this week, Staph Infection became non-existent during the middle of the final round.  Not only do they work, but they also answer questions at the same time.  I’ll see you guys Wednesday, and you better play with more dedication.

DA OBK’s started during the second round.  In one of my rambling comments, they took note that I hail from Michigan.  The male counterpart to this team is actually from about 15 minutes from where I grew up.  Funny thing about Michigan, that instead of miles, we measure thing in time, because there really isn’t rush hour that we have to deal with.  Now the blond guy that’s all crazy in the pictures, he’s from the same town where Kid Rock lives and hangs out (my friends have even seen him at local bars around there).

They came in after the game started and left before it ended, but Team Change played hard while they were here.  Some of them, like myself, had to work the next morning.  Keep coming back guys, but you need to commit to spending more time, as you can’t win if you don’t answer every question.

Team Prego (short for pregnant, not the spaghetti sauce) played a round and a half.  While they had two pregnant females on the team, it was their husbands that were tired and ready for bed.  I invited the to come back, and I hope to see you guys soon!

Whew, the Cincinnati Steamers were pretty argumentative about nearly every question in the game.  They won round one, and obviously didn’t need the free shots.  They went from fun to angry quickly.  I had one of the members tell me that three other members wanted to “expose” themselves to me.  Huh, well you should take your wedding rings off before you give out those kind of propositions!

Girlz Nite Out were arguing before trivia, being that they were rooting for the opposing teams.  One of them sorta looked familiar, and then introduced herself to me.  The one on the right in the photo will be hosting Old Chicagoin a couple locations in the northern suburbs of Denver.  Heh, I won’t tell anybody about our gossip or shit talking.  Good to meet you, Tracey!

These guys had no chance of winning, as they started during round three, but Colorado Roughnecks gave a stab at it anyways.  They really hated the Hugh Grant question, but really, it’s because they don’t want to cry in front of a girl, just admit it. 

Nothin But Weight weren’t very fat, so I don’t get the team name.   They were from some catering company or something about Tomatoes.  They were all about playing, but then only stayed for a round.  Maybe they had to deliver some food…

Kyle  only answered a few questions and then disappeared.  He was a little shy cause he was on a team by himself.  So if you guys see him next week, invite him to join you.  Oh yeah, I don’t have a picture of him, since he disappeared.  Hmm,  not sure how you’ll know it’s him.

These guys always sit at the bar, and I finally convinced the OSS Acesto play trivia tonight.  I guess they snuck out the back door when the camera came out.  Bob from OSS Aces has been a regular at Ogden Street South for “30 years.”  Well, I can’t really prove it, cause I wasn’t around to hang out at the bar in 1978.

Guys, I want to thank everyone for the warm welcome to Sunday Night Trivia.  I know that people don’t always handle change well.  And well, usually you’re used to a tall smart guy, and instead you got a short weird girl.  Since you all loved me so much, I hope to see you on a Wednesday at O.S.S.  I want to aplogize again for the delayed blog, but I had to sell some ski clothes all day. 

See you around!




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