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Jackson’s – Please Don’t Ask Ted Koppel For Answers August 29, 2008

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

It’s not one of the official rules, but I guess we need to add: Please do not ask Ted Koppel for answers.

Mr. Koppel was in attendance for Buzzwordz Trivia tonight, and one of our teams decided to consult him on the political questions, wisely.  He was correct about Teddy Roosevelt, and probably annoyed.  I didn’t get an opinion from the venerable news anchor, but he politely nodded to me, I assume in approval of our outstanding trivia and in recognition of my geeky excitement that he was there for the show.  You can tell a true geek by one who gets more excited about Ted Koppel being at trivia than Manny Corpas last week.  Though I did ask Manny for an autograph, of which he was very gracious and friendly. 

We were delayed by the speech, but few complained.  It was very cool to put on an entertainment show right after a historic moment.  It is, however, a great compliment when some are asking when trivia is going to start in the middle of one of the most historic speeches in American history.  Are we bigger than history?  No, but we’re gaining.

To the important part, the winners.  Wow!!!  This is a trivia host’s dream.  Tie-breakers abound, no wasted points, massive scores, excited players…small crowd, but great fun for a host.

The Pussy-Go-Getters were shaken, but not stirred.  The second round killed them, but the beer saved them. 

The bar staff (Nappy Headed Hoes) , in their awesomeness, would have won, if not for the label on thier nametag, by one point.  (I bought them a pitcher and they ALWAYS have my gratitude for making my players happy)

Dream On was a new team, which is the kiss of death most of the time.  They had fought (and lobbied) very hard for a winner in round 2, and a tie for the game.  The normal powerhouse, Little Lebowski’s Urban Achievers were their normal selves, powering to a fantastic score for the tie as well.

Well, we don;t say this very often, but the new team, Dream On, won the game on the tie-breaker.  

I had so much fun tonight, even though most of our regular teams have avoided downtown.   We were small tonight, small but strong.  

Well, I’m checking out CNN right now, and am going to listen to the Obama speech for the third time.  I’m an independent, but I am a fan of speech, and this is a moment for linguists to enjoy.  I hope to see you all on Thursday.



1. Marci - August 29, 2008

Did you manage to snap a picture at least? famous people at your trivia, i’m jealous!

2. Merkins - September 3, 2008

We missed Ted Koppel??? Whelp, we’ll be back in force this week.

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