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Good Thing We Have a Couple Loyal Teams! August 28, 2008

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

Geez Louise!  Where the hell was everybody tonight?  We had three teams that were playing, and one of them was a group of employees.  I’m hoping that everyone else was at the DNC happenings and will return next week.  I mean, it does put an advantage to our regulars, so they have a chance to win.

That’s What She Said had an unfair advantage tonight, they had a Republican on their team.  Since the DNC is in town, we threw a twist in the game and asked a Republican question.  Due to someone that will remain anonymous, they were able to get all five points on the final question. They did their homework and joined our networking websites, thanks so much!  I was a little disappointed to not have the team color shirts again this week though guys 😦

They call themselves the Short Bus for a reason… that’s cause they’re teachers.  heh.  They did their homework (of course).  They were a contender for the prize, but they got passed up on the final question.  I do expect to see you guys sunday, and hopefully I can give you a prize! The questions will be in a different format, so remember to brush up on your geography.

Staff Infection (yes, that’s a play on words, not a typo) didn’t answer all of the questions or do their homework!  They ended the game with a mere 14 points, 13 behind the winning team.  Hopefully you guys can make a big comeback next week!



I will be filling in for Matt this Sunday at Ogden Street South.  We’re gonna play some trivia and drink even more, since the next day is a holiday.  If I don’t see you Sunday, I’ll see you Wednesday!


Bad Larry 14
Dick Holes 14
Fisters 18
Funny Feeling in Your Pants 7
Girl Scouts 18
Hardest Parts 18
King Prawns 22 16 16
Oh Snap 18
RMRB *20
Scrantonicity 17
Short Bus *19 18 18 23
Smooth 16
Staff Infection 21 17 13 14
Team Awesome 7
That’s What She Said 19 *23 20 18 *27
The Bundts 6
LC (Thug Life) 6 *21
Triff 9  


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