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The Winners Got Leid! August 27, 2008

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

As promised, we had a luau themed trivia night.  We had lots of staff members in Hawaiian shirts.  And well, once it hit nine o’clock, the shirts came off.  Like true luau style, right?  Actually, their shirts came off because it’s “Twisted Tuesday” and that’s the way you get drink specials, by taking your shirt off.  And this time, so did I!  And the winners, they got the usual prizes, but they also got flowered neckalaces, you know, leis.

In addition to the planned luau, we were expecting some guests.  The Stonewall Democrats were supposed to be getting together at Charlie’s.  However, nobody was quite sure exactly when.  When I left around 11:30, they still had not arrived.  Too bad they weren’t here when the game started, cause the fist question was about them!  We were also expecting concert goers, as there was a concert at the Fillmore.  I also heard a passing rumor that Cyndi Lauper and Melissa Etheridge might stop by.  However, much to my disappointment, I didn’t see any of these folks before I left for the night.  (If you’re reading this and you know more than I do about what happened, please put a comment to update all of us.)

So we were missing the special guests, but we were missing a lot of regulars.  This was the lowest trivia attendance I’ve seen at Charlie’s.  Where’s the dedication and love for Marci?!  Alright, maybe you were doing political stuff or concert stuff, I sure hope you weren’t detained somewhere!

We did have a special surprise however.  Jake from Alleycat brought us Gelato from the Gelato d’Italia Cafe.  He also gave us some buy one get one free coupons.  I’ve been to this place quite a few times.  What I like about it is that they always have different flavors.  And of course, they let you try before you buy.  Thanks so much Jake! 

We started the night with four teams, had a few other teams throw in answers here and there.  We ended the night with a mere three teams.  So well, the three teams that played, well they all ended up with prizes!

Alleycat has this habit of winning the third round, but then not being able to drink their free pitcher of beer.  (Being that they have to get up early, they usually bug out the second the game is over.)  They once again won the third round and then took the prize for winning the game.  They haven’t won first in a while, and no, I didn’t give them extra points for bring dessert!  They adopted Scott this week, since Scott has been floating from team to team.

eating free gelato

eating free gelato

The winner of round two and the second place winner was JT.  They haven’t won first in a while, but tend to score a pitcher sometime during the game.  Keep playing guys.  Tim, don’t forget that you’re supposed to get your hair trimmed every 4-6 weeks.  You know I just say it out of love and kindness 🙂



I really have no idea what they're doing

I really have no idea what they are doing

King Prawns started out the game strong and won first place, but lost it toward the end.  Maybe it was cause they started drinking early and were drunk by the end.  I didn’t figure out what happened to my usually strong team.  But I bet they were just warming up, cause they’ll be going to my trivia night on Wednesday also.




Other teams that dropped a question or two:

MO was some political type people that were in from Missouri (hence their name).  They were enjoying themselves, but their work had put them up in a hotel in Centennial, so they had to get heading on their journey.  The poor girl that was on the team had this thing on her forehead, I later found out that she got hit in the middle of her forehead with a softball.  Then they glued her head back together!  Technology has greatly increased since the days of Humpty Dumpty!

Tony & Diego threw in a couple of answers during round three and then disappeared.

Dempsy  was these two guys sitting at the bar.  They thought the had the game in their pocket, but then couldn’t hang.  They left before the end of round one, and before the gelato.

We haven’t seen them in a while, but Beer ‘n’ Buzzin came and threw in a few answers.  I bet he actually came to play because he likes to steal my pens.  The guy actually told me that he’s stole three of my pens, but refuses to bring them back.  Damned clepto!  I miss your company though, so come back next week and bring your own pen.

Biggles came in an threw a couple of answers in.  They didn’t make enough to get a prize though.  The game starts at 8:30, if you guys want to come back next week.

Randy was all by himself, but managed to grab a few points.  He didn’t win a prize, but had a beer in hand, so I’m not worried.

Once the convention is over, I expect all of the regulars to be back and continued rivalry.

Don’t forget to earn your extra points for joining our sites, this is the only week we will be offering these freebie points.  myspace  facebook  or meetup   search for “buzzwordz.”  Print out something showing that you’re on our site.

and of course, our staff picture…

See you guys next week!




1. Hawaiian Shirts - August 27, 2008

It would have been cooler if the winner got laid. But I guess it’s cool too that they got leid. Nice play on words. You had me going the whole time.

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