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Tuesday Nights at The Glenn with Preacher August 19, 2008

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzz Bee, Buzzwordz Trivia.

Welcome everyone to another exciting night of fun and trivia here at the Glenn in Northglenn. A nice and smooth night with a great audience on this Tuesday, the first round started off with all teams in a dead heat, answering the first questions perfectly, but then came the sports question. You know, this is where it just pays to have one of those fanatics in your group. Question number 3 broke up the ties and then the game just got more and more mixed from the with 2 new teams Los and Derka Derka joining in on the action late with a couple of correct answers. Team FOP, regular winners they are, kept a slight lead through the half way mark, but other regulars Gods of Wrong Answers and Not Gonna Win kept pace. With the addition of the other team members to Los to, not unlike Voltron himself, team Mad Dog formed and caught up closely to the leaders, but, as often happens, the final question made the decision and Gods of Wrong Answer took the lead when the bell rang.

Round 2, and out of the gate with a quickness is team Mad Dog with a dominating lead and every other team tied for a 4 way second place through the dreaded Arts and Lit question, bane of all pub triviateers. But then along comes a “What Not to Wear Question” and suddenly the whole landscape changes. 2 teams FOP and Gods of Wrong Answers, obviously closet fashionistas (ha ha, get it, closet fashionistas) answer correctly for a 3 way tie with Mad Dog. In true Mad Dog fashion they picked it back up with a single point and kept the lead through the last question.

Round 3, and everyone’s pushing hard for that last prize. A game of a single point between all of the teams in multiway ties for first and second place, no clear winner was likely. Even by the final question, the first and last place teams were only separated by 3 points, and the winners only took it by 2, team FOP.

Star Wars Fact of the Day: The film was originally titled “The Star Wars” but the “the” was dropped fairly early in the creative process.

Signing off, this is Preacher.



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