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Ghetto Night at Old Chicagos – Wheat Ridge August 14, 2008

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

As requested by the waitress at Old Chicago, last Wednesday was dubbed ‘Ghetto Night’ at Old Chicago.  What an interesting time- happening to be my first solo act as trivia host. 

Sometimes power failure is beyond my powers to correct…  from many random circuits coming on and off starting at the beginning of Rd. 2, we made it through the Round, mostly ghetto style.  I had to practice my teacher lungs a few times to make some pre-1880 nonelectric style announcements.  Sometimes the TVs would stay with us, but the mic even rarer.  Much thanks to all the local support! 

Congrats to Stop Daddy It Hurts, having a huge 2nd Round to win the game with First Place!  Cringing name I know…..- well done!

The spirit of the night was Olympic, with a few dozen TVs airing events (while Alternating Current was still operating in the restaurant.).  Underage Gymnasts Wearing my Grandma’s Blue Eyeshadow won a whole lotta beer, and 2nd place restaurant tab.  Sweet job!  Then, the exciting moment came during the 3rd Round Tiebreaker…

Old Chicago unfortunately had to close due to the computer system being down, so we improvised to determine the Third Round Winner of drinks solely by Tiebreaker.   The Underage Gymants pulled off the free beer pitcher by guessing a mere 133 people closest to the actual population of North Dakota (2006 est.)- That’s like a 0.0001 % margin over Team China, who had to settle for Honorable Mention.   Hey, I think a plane just took off with 160 passengers from Bismarck, are you sure Team China didn’t win?

Synchronized Swimming Rules, I Want a Gold Medal, I’m Trivia obviously won the best team name for giving the best of both Buzzwordz and the Olympics. 

Shouts to Sex Can Wait- Masturbate, Cespedes Connection and Be Like Mike (Phelps) also for sticking it out until the end of Ghetto Night at Old Chicago’s Wheat Ridge, Buzzwordz Trivia.

I look forward to the passage of electric current to our bar next Wednesday, so all can enjoy trivia once again!

Much love from the New Kid on the Block (okay, I’ll be Mark Wahlberg but just once)

-Tory the Trivia Guy



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