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Blame It On The Rain Yeah Yeahhh August 7, 2008

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

Tonight was weird in that we didn’t have all the regulars playing.  Actually, we only had one regular team playing, and they’re still pretty new.

The questions were of a different caliber tonight.  Ryan Seacrest did claim to be bit on the foot by a shark.  I’m not sure how true the allegations are though, because really, I’ve thought that things would be sharks before, but yeah, they were just little fish.  I’m thinking that a crab would just bite your toe and run, a shark would take the whole damned foot before he left.  It was a good light hearted set, definitely aimed at ladies.

We sure had some rain tonight.  And how I was so glad to not be outside in it, but inside Ogden Street South instead!  I’m also glad that we had enough players to get this game going.  I heard that we didn’t have enough players on Sunday to play a game.  Hmm, do I need to start collecting your phone numbers to send you reminder calls, like your gynecologist?!

We had seven teams to start, gained an extra during the break, and then ended with five teams.  I run to the bathroom and you all sneak out without saying good bye, now how rude is that?!  Oh wait, that’s cause you know I wouldn’t let you leave otherwise.

It was a close game the whole time between two teams.  I was sure that one was going to win, but then the other swept the final question for all the points.  The winner tonight was That’s What She Said.  They were determined to win, since last week they lost in the tie breaker.  And lemme tell you, they were excited!  I think I saw Audrey’s braids bouncing up and down when she was actually jumping!  Guys, I think this team will be the major competition for this tournament!

King Prawns played trivia with me last night and then decided to come over to Ogden Street South to try trivia here.  It took them a little while to get used to the multiple choice, I’m still not sure if they’re sold on it yet.  I think I’ve sold them on the prize, now I just need to get them into the game.  The last question threw them a little, so they lost the game by one point.  One measly point and they missed the tremendously good gift card to Elixir Spa.  Next week guys, next week!

One team came in between rounds and started to play, but ended up just 5 points behind the winner.  Had they been here the whole game, The Hardest Parts may have taken home the prize.  They had two males and two females, what exactly were you guys talking about with this name?

Staff Infection wasn’t on their game tonight, and couldn’t agree on the answer.  They kept having one person that would disagree with them.  Even though you guys didn’t win, I think you do a great job at team building.  Staff morale would be higher if you could have won again this week though!  Disclaimer:  If the staff of Ogden Street South actually do end up with the highest score, they are not eligible for the prize.  (They just like to play, no sense in leaving them out of a terrific game of trivia!)

Our other team that played the entirety of the game was Smooth.  I’m not sure if it was what or who was smooth, cause I didn’t ask.  They seemed to have a good time playing the game.  I bet Kiki will be running out to get high heeled crocs.




Other teams that played a round and vanished:

Thug Life was planning on going to a movie.  I tried to talk them out of it, but I guess I didn’t.  I mean, why would you want to go out in the rain to get in the car, then get out of the car to go into the theater.  They didn’t make it for the photo shoot.

This was a big team, but somebody had a Funny Feeling in Your Pants.  Wait, or were they trying to imply that about me. Hmm.  Yeah, if you had stayed the whole game, I would have been able to ask you.

So we had this old lady that I couldn’t read her name.  We just called her Team Lady.  She wore her sunglasses the whole time, maybe she was hiding from someone.  She was doing pretty good, but then her bed time came and she had to skedaddle.

Triff came in on the fourth question of round one, but still fared well.  One of these ladies works at Old Chicago, but lives near Ogden Street South.  Sorry Barb, but I’m stealing your players.  And well, the other one lives in Wisconsin, but I think she’ll decide to move to the great city of Denver.  Cause really, I’m from the midwest, and there’s no comparison between here and there!



So next week when the Short Bus and Boogie or the Bitch are back, we’re going to have a huge crowd!  I know that everyone that played tonight is starting to get the trivia bug and will be back.  I just know it.  It’s like that movie line “build it and they will come.”  Well I’m playing trivia, so get your asses down here!

If you’re looking for the picture of “stroke face” or Travis giving birth, you can find them at www.myspace.com/MarciBuzzwordz

And without these people, we wouldn’t have anything to eat or drink.

Alright guys, we’ll be back here next week.  And I will be running trivia.  So you better be here! 




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