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We Rained Them In! August 6, 2008

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

We had a record night at Charlie’s on trivia night!  I was thinking we had all these people because the rain brought them in, but really, we’re on the patio.  It’s covered, but it’s still a patio.  I was also thinking that it was because it was cooler outside.  But I’ve concluded really, it’s because you love trivia at Charlie’s!!

The night was eventful, but still a little calmer than usual.  There was some groping action right in front of my table. ahem guys, go elsewhere for that!  (ok, really, no biggie).  There was some bra playage from a supposed gay man.  I mean, I thought my bra would be safe around here!  We also had some crazy dancing going on.

We had the usual Tuesday drink specials: 50 cent Miller High Life (have you noticed since the day of the typewriter went out, we don’t have a cent sign on the keyboard?), $2 Absolute, and 1/2 price wells and domestic bottles if your shirt was off.  A guy claimed that I didn’t say the shirt part, but believe me, eventhough I don’t plan to take you home, the scenery is still nice! I really think he was just too shy to bare all.  Maybe next time we should just airbrush abs on everyone at the door!

There were 12 teams tonight!  More than I have EVER seen at the most fabulous gay bar in Denver! 

The winner that beat the asses of 60 other people was King Prawns.  The ladies were sans their usual male counterpart, but with a new one.  The usual had joined another team!  They fared just well without him. hint hint.  Joking joking!  They have decided that they love trivia so much, more specifically my trivia, they will be doing trivia two nights in a row!  See you guys tomorrow night in Wash Park.  So if you want to suck up, follow them to the next bar 🙂


The second place winner with just two points behind first place was Short Bus.  Now I know, they don’t look like the typical Charlie’scustomers.  I bribed them.  I begged them.  I drug them in here to play.  Heh, really, they’ve been to my trivia before and decided to seek out a new venue.  And thanks Mike, you didn’t fondle them until they were drunk, best not to scare off the straight girls when they’re sober!  Now you have to come back, you have all those free drinks to use up!!

1-800-HOT-JOCKS came in third place.  Tim, really you shouldn’t bitch when you don’t win a pitcher but win drink cards at the end.  It’s not like you were drinking expensive beer!  Tim comes from The Jets and Jessey, well he comes from whichever team he joins that night.  The other guy, I don’t really know where he came from!

 Next in like would be The J.A.C.K’s.  They were a mixture of a few teams as well.  But see what happens when you leave your teams- they win prizes and you well, you just play without prizes.  I’m kidding- it’s better to have friends and be able to play on any team than be stuck up!

Other teams to mention:

Collateral Damage Playhouse, I really don’t get your name, but glad you decided to play tonight.  Soon enough, I will have all of you addicted to trivia at Charlie’s.  Just look around and see the others, I have already begun the brainwashing.

Now the guy from Live It Lick It said that he thought the host at his bar would be better than me.  And then he procedes to challenge me.  But obviously, he ain’t never been to my trivia!  Toward the end of the night, he had made his way inside, I’m not really sure if he had put his tail between his legs or what.

D Buzz threw in answers here and there, but not all the time.  I’m guessing you’d rather be sure about the answer than pick something wrong.  I only make fun of the answers if I think they’re silly on purpose.  I mean, “the guy who sang that song” is one I would call out, but not really one that was an honest guess.  Your wrong answers are between you, and me, and well, the trash can.  (They disappeared when I was taking pictures).

They had visitors that were distracting them, so Alleycat was rooting around in the alley half the game.  Next week will be Justin’s last day playing trivia with us.  (He’s the guy on the left in the picture).  I will bring the tissues if you bring the hugs.  Really Justin, I don’t see you being gone that long.  You will miss the city that’s a mile high where the boys are fun.

So I’m not sure if you were being endearing, or making fun of my blog… See You Next Tuesday did promise to come next week though.  They pointed out that they’ve been to Charlie’s  every Tuesday for the past four, so they better be here next week.  If not, I’ll have your brother hunt you down!

The fella’s from Rella were too busy drinking during round two, so weren’t able to win a prize.  Wait, they have a staff on their team anyways, so they probably don’t even care about the prizes.  They are more about immediate gratification- waiter, another beer please!

Financial Flurries changes his name every week, and always leaves before the game is over.  But he stayed even later this week!  Some day, you’re going to stay and play the whole game, and maybe even win yourself a prize.





Shut Up and Drink had so many beer bottles on their table, they were definately drinking!  They didn’t shut up though, cause they were playing the game.  They even had their own cheerleaders.  But really, I expect at least pompoms and a skirt if you guys want to be cheerleaders.  I’m sure we have some of that downstairs!  We had to get two pictures of them so we could get the team and the cheerleaders.  They won round one in the tie breaker, but since they already had beer, they passed the pitcher on to the other team.

Whew, look at all those teams.  I wonder how many kegs we went through tonight!

I want to give a huge round of applause for our bartenders, David and Bob.  You guys did an awesome job!!  Two guys serving all those people, since the inside bar was closed, that was amazing!!

Jon, Bob, and I at the Party Bar

Jon, Bob, and I at the Party Bar

So the tonsils pic, the multiple groping pics, those are hidden from the public eye at www.myspace.com/MarciBuzzwordz  (heh. yeah, more of a public site).

As the team name says, See You Next Tuesday!    @ 8:30pm at Charlie’s.  Oh, and if you think your host is better, go ahead and bring it!

Marci 🙂



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