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Old Cs Wheat Ridge – Solid Trivia & Good Times! August 29, 2008

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Last night was super fun at Old Chicago Wheat Ridge, with a nice crowd and not one, but two friendly hosts!

Tracey was introduced to the crowd in a changing of the guard ceremony, and everyone is excited to have her!

Having 3 solid rounds, Boobs, Boilermakers and Buffaloes won the 2nd round free pitcher, and ran away with the first place restaurant gift certificate.  Awesome job folks!

The Denver Donkey Show, Starring Hillary Clinton (yay double entendres) were big winners, as well, winning a lot of free beer and grabbing the second place prize.  Way to go guys! 

Alli-Alli Oxenfree also had a strong showing with third place in points, and will have to challenge these champs again next week. 

Shouts to Mmm Mmm Good, Testical Difficulties, Ham Sandwich, T-TeamIlliterate Peasant, Spun Bond and Mile High Crushers also for making the evening a great success!

Make sure to stop by next Wednesday to support Tracey in her first solo gig at Old Chicago Wheat Ridge!  Sassy girl…

Cheers to all!  Signing off,

Tory de los Siete Mares

TJ’s Lounge Friday Trivia Crowd Control August 29, 2008

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Buzzwordz may be new at this location, but it’s becoming popular. This week we saw team Bukkake CrockPot back to win a 2nd place gift certificate!

Team Bukkake CrockPot
Team Juggernaut

Team Juggernaut


In total we’ve grown to a larger population and attracted people from the hood as well as Lawyers and out of towners, Oh, MY. Who might be attending next week??? Stop by to see us at 8pm.


Team 7 Girl

Team 7 Girl


Team Lady took the lead early on and wouldn’t let it slide. They walked away with a $15 gift certificate. Well done team!! Team Juggernaut bumped up a close second through out the game but was beaten by Team Bukkake CrockPot for second place. Team 7 Girl (with a lawyer on the team) came in 4th overall, not bad, not bad at all. Team Planet Unicorn joined us for the last round and conjured up 11 points by the end of the game.

Thank you all for coming out and keep coming!


Team Lady

Team Lady




Jackson’s – Please Don’t Ask Ted Koppel For Answers August 29, 2008

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It’s not one of the official rules, but I guess we need to add: Please do not ask Ted Koppel for answers.

Mr. Koppel was in attendance for Buzzwordz Trivia tonight, and one of our teams decided to consult him on the political questions, wisely.  He was correct about Teddy Roosevelt, and probably annoyed.  I didn’t get an opinion from the venerable news anchor, but he politely nodded to me, I assume in approval of our outstanding trivia and in recognition of my geeky excitement that he was there for the show.  You can tell a true geek by one who gets more excited about Ted Koppel being at trivia than Manny Corpas last week.  Though I did ask Manny for an autograph, of which he was very gracious and friendly. 

We were delayed by the speech, but few complained.  It was very cool to put on an entertainment show right after a historic moment.  It is, however, a great compliment when some are asking when trivia is going to start in the middle of one of the most historic speeches in American history.  Are we bigger than history?  No, but we’re gaining.

To the important part, the winners.  Wow!!!  This is a trivia host’s dream.  Tie-breakers abound, no wasted points, massive scores, excited players…small crowd, but great fun for a host.

The Pussy-Go-Getters were shaken, but not stirred.  The second round killed them, but the beer saved them. 

The bar staff (Nappy Headed Hoes) , in their awesomeness, would have won, if not for the label on thier nametag, by one point.  (I bought them a pitcher and they ALWAYS have my gratitude for making my players happy)

Dream On was a new team, which is the kiss of death most of the time.  They had fought (and lobbied) very hard for a winner in round 2, and a tie for the game.  The normal powerhouse, Little Lebowski’s Urban Achievers were their normal selves, powering to a fantastic score for the tie as well.

Well, we don;t say this very often, but the new team, Dream On, won the game on the tie-breaker.  

I had so much fun tonight, even though most of our regular teams have avoided downtown.   We were small tonight, small but strong.  

Well, I’m checking out CNN right now, and am going to listen to the Obama speech for the third time.  I’m an independent, but I am a fan of speech, and this is a moment for linguists to enjoy.  I hope to see you all on Thursday.

Good Thing We Have a Couple Loyal Teams! August 28, 2008

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Geez Louise!  Where the hell was everybody tonight?  We had three teams that were playing, and one of them was a group of employees.  I’m hoping that everyone else was at the DNC happenings and will return next week.  I mean, it does put an advantage to our regulars, so they have a chance to win.

That’s What She Said had an unfair advantage tonight, they had a Republican on their team.  Since the DNC is in town, we threw a twist in the game and asked a Republican question.  Due to someone that will remain anonymous, they were able to get all five points on the final question. They did their homework and joined our networking websites, thanks so much!  I was a little disappointed to not have the team color shirts again this week though guys 😦

They call themselves the Short Bus for a reason… that’s cause they’re teachers.  heh.  They did their homework (of course).  They were a contender for the prize, but they got passed up on the final question.  I do expect to see you guys sunday, and hopefully I can give you a prize! The questions will be in a different format, so remember to brush up on your geography.

Staff Infection (yes, that’s a play on words, not a typo) didn’t answer all of the questions or do their homework!  They ended the game with a mere 14 points, 13 behind the winning team.  Hopefully you guys can make a big comeback next week!



I will be filling in for Matt this Sunday at Ogden Street South.  We’re gonna play some trivia and drink even more, since the next day is a holiday.  If I don’t see you Sunday, I’ll see you Wednesday!


Bad Larry 14
Dick Holes 14
Fisters 18
Funny Feeling in Your Pants 7
Girl Scouts 18
Hardest Parts 18
King Prawns 22 16 16
Oh Snap 18
RMRB *20
Scrantonicity 17
Short Bus *19 18 18 23
Smooth 16
Staff Infection 21 17 13 14
Team Awesome 7
That’s What She Said 19 *23 20 18 *27
The Bundts 6
LC (Thug Life) 6 *21
Triff 9  

Friday Night at Old Chicago with Preacher August 27, 2008

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We had a fun and fantastic night at Old Chicago in Superior this Friday. 8 teams joined us in the OC bar area including some familiar faces from last week and some new regulars in the making.

Round 1 and last weeks placers A-Team got off to a strong lead along with avid connoisseurs We’re Just Here to Drink, Curb Biter and the verbose team My Girlfriend Doesn’t Know How to Fight, But You Should See Her Box all following closely behind. Team We Didn’t Know the First Answer got a late start but stuck in and team You Could Go Blind From That seemed to struggle a little, but the game is long and the points are fickle. The first bonus question, who else was included in the Forsberg/Lindross trade had few takers, but ultimately team Curb Biter won a round on me with their minimal, yet correct answers. Maybe I need to make the bonus questions a little easier? Or maybe we just need some real sports fans at the OC! As we neared the end of the round one team stood out among the rest. Team My Girlfriend… took a massive lead closing out the first round, setting them up for a good spot going into the rest of the game, but with the points doubled in the next round, could they maintain?

Round 2 and everyone is coming alive. A-Team kept up the pressure and team You Could Go Blind… made a massive comeback, even beating out Curb Biter and the vocal team ManBearPig. A new bonus question and a new winner with a new round of drinks, We Didn’t Know… took a wild guess at the number of episodes of the terrible spinoff “Joey” and it paid off. At the end of the second round My Gilfriend… still had the lead, but not by much.

Round 3 and now it’s really time to play. Everyone in the round was furious with their answers. Team ManBearPig slightly fell behind and team We’re Just Here to Drink apparently couldn’t keep up the drinking and trivia simultaneously. The real players were team You Could Go Blind… covering even more ground than in Round 2, Curb Biter reestablishing their trivia skillz and regulars A-Team all playing an excellent game, but it just wasn’t enough to over come My Girlfriend… who took the lead once again and brought home the gold. A-Team placed second and everyone had a great night…well I had a great night, who cares about the rest of you! J See you next week everyone!

Star Wars Fact of the Day: The full title “Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope” first appeared when the film was re-released in 1981

Signing off, this is Preacher.

OC Lakewood Union August 27, 2008

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Barb, the host with the most!

Barb, the host with the most!

This is Keith giving you a shout out from the hip and happening OC in Lakewood. I was the HIT (host in training) for the night, under the excellent guidance of Barb. We played to a packed bar and a dozen teams, lots of regulars and some newbies too, and I think it went pretty well, if I do say so myself!
After first round we had Counting French Fries tied with Team Audi for first place, and Team Audi eked out the win with the tie-breaker.
But Team Audi had to split so that opened the door for other contenders.
You can see by the look on their faces that Counting

    Counting French Fries got no love for the evening

Counting French Fries got no love for the evening

Fries were a little stressed too be under so much pressure! At least they got some nice balloon animals to cheer them up,… I think.

This is when, Baked Mac n Cheese stepped up their game, catching Counting Fries in the 2nd round, and taking the overall point lead.
This lead to the third round ending in a 3-way tie. You gotta love that!
But BMnC never looked back winning by a narrow margin for the night.

Baked Mac n Cheese reveling in their victory

Baked Mac n Cheese reveling in their victory

The other tie-break teams: Counting Fries and Poo Flingers which finished 2nd and 3rd respectively.

The camera-adverse Poo Flingers

The camera-adverse Poo Flingers

Hey, Poo Flingers! You were making dramatic increases round by round. If only we had a fourth round, you might have taken away top prize for the night. Better luck next week

It has hard to capture the fun the Poo-Flingers were having because their hands instinctively went to hide their faces every time the camera was near. Come to think of it, I may have seen their pictures in the post office. LOL!
Now for the real entertainment of the evening, that

Chicks Dig the Ribbons doing what they do best!

Chicks Dig the Ribbons doing what they do best!

award goes to the Chicks Dig the Ribbons. Their answers always made Barb and I laugh, and earned them a few style points. Obviously, as you can see by their picture, they had loftier goals than simply winning at trivia. BTW, they were the only team to get points for confirming they were friends thru Facebook, and MySpace.

My word of advice to all the teams for next week: Bring in those confirmations! An extra point here or there would have made a difference in the night’s winners, for sure!
Shouts go out the the ‘missed it by that much’

Pessimistic Happy Group, or was that Happy Pessimistic Group?

Pessimistic Happy Group, or was that Happy Pessimistic Group?

groups, Pessimistic Happy Group and Boats and Hoes who had amazing third rounds. And also Sexy Heels who couldn’t finish out the evening. Thanks for adding your competitive fun and spirit to the evening!

Half of Boats and Hoes...

Half of Boats and Hoes...

The other half of Boats and Hoes... the better half?  Hmmm.

The other half of Boats and Hoes... the better half? Hmmm.

A special thanks to all that came out and played but couldn’t fit in 3 full rounds:
Dirty Black Shirts
Double D’s
Debut Debutantes

We hope to see you all back again next week!

If the pics are any indication, I had a blast.

Sexy Heels after a particulary tough round ;-)

Sexy Heels after a particulary tough round 😉

Barb, thanks for letting me crash your party.

I think Buzzwordz is ready to take my training wheels off and push me on down the street.

Ciao for now,

– Keith

The Winners Got Leid! August 27, 2008

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As promised, we had a luau themed trivia night.  We had lots of staff members in Hawaiian shirts.  And well, once it hit nine o’clock, the shirts came off.  Like true luau style, right?  Actually, their shirts came off because it’s “Twisted Tuesday” and that’s the way you get drink specials, by taking your shirt off.  And this time, so did I!  And the winners, they got the usual prizes, but they also got flowered neckalaces, you know, leis.

In addition to the planned luau, we were expecting some guests.  The Stonewall Democrats were supposed to be getting together at Charlie’s.  However, nobody was quite sure exactly when.  When I left around 11:30, they still had not arrived.  Too bad they weren’t here when the game started, cause the fist question was about them!  We were also expecting concert goers, as there was a concert at the Fillmore.  I also heard a passing rumor that Cyndi Lauper and Melissa Etheridge might stop by.  However, much to my disappointment, I didn’t see any of these folks before I left for the night.  (If you’re reading this and you know more than I do about what happened, please put a comment to update all of us.)

So we were missing the special guests, but we were missing a lot of regulars.  This was the lowest trivia attendance I’ve seen at Charlie’s.  Where’s the dedication and love for Marci?!  Alright, maybe you were doing political stuff or concert stuff, I sure hope you weren’t detained somewhere!

We did have a special surprise however.  Jake from Alleycat brought us Gelato from the Gelato d’Italia Cafe.  He also gave us some buy one get one free coupons.  I’ve been to this place quite a few times.  What I like about it is that they always have different flavors.  And of course, they let you try before you buy.  Thanks so much Jake! 

We started the night with four teams, had a few other teams throw in answers here and there.  We ended the night with a mere three teams.  So well, the three teams that played, well they all ended up with prizes!

Alleycat has this habit of winning the third round, but then not being able to drink their free pitcher of beer.  (Being that they have to get up early, they usually bug out the second the game is over.)  They once again won the third round and then took the prize for winning the game.  They haven’t won first in a while, and no, I didn’t give them extra points for bring dessert!  They adopted Scott this week, since Scott has been floating from team to team.

eating free gelato

eating free gelato

The winner of round two and the second place winner was JT.  They haven’t won first in a while, but tend to score a pitcher sometime during the game.  Keep playing guys.  Tim, don’t forget that you’re supposed to get your hair trimmed every 4-6 weeks.  You know I just say it out of love and kindness 🙂



I really have no idea what they're doing

I really have no idea what they are doing

King Prawns started out the game strong and won first place, but lost it toward the end.  Maybe it was cause they started drinking early and were drunk by the end.  I didn’t figure out what happened to my usually strong team.  But I bet they were just warming up, cause they’ll be going to my trivia night on Wednesday also.




Other teams that dropped a question or two:

MO was some political type people that were in from Missouri (hence their name).  They were enjoying themselves, but their work had put them up in a hotel in Centennial, so they had to get heading on their journey.  The poor girl that was on the team had this thing on her forehead, I later found out that she got hit in the middle of her forehead with a softball.  Then they glued her head back together!  Technology has greatly increased since the days of Humpty Dumpty!

Tony & Diego threw in a couple of answers during round three and then disappeared.

Dempsy  was these two guys sitting at the bar.  They thought the had the game in their pocket, but then couldn’t hang.  They left before the end of round one, and before the gelato.

We haven’t seen them in a while, but Beer ‘n’ Buzzin came and threw in a few answers.  I bet he actually came to play because he likes to steal my pens.  The guy actually told me that he’s stole three of my pens, but refuses to bring them back.  Damned clepto!  I miss your company though, so come back next week and bring your own pen.

Biggles came in an threw a couple of answers in.  They didn’t make enough to get a prize though.  The game starts at 8:30, if you guys want to come back next week.

Randy was all by himself, but managed to grab a few points.  He didn’t win a prize, but had a beer in hand, so I’m not worried.

Once the convention is over, I expect all of the regulars to be back and continued rivalry.

Don’t forget to earn your extra points for joining our sites, this is the only week we will be offering these freebie points.  myspace  facebook  or meetup   search for “buzzwordz.”  Print out something showing that you’re on our site.

and of course, our staff picture…

See you guys next week!


Good Thing the Staff Can’t Win! August 24, 2008

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No big suprises at Ogden Street South as Platypus regained their crown Sunday evening. We had Protesters Not Protesting in 2nd and No Team in third. Staph Infection, the bar and wait staff came in 2nd (they play for honor not prizes).  Dolly’s People made a huge push in the second round, before making an early exit. Noreasters were unlucky not bring home some cash for their troubles. Trannies, thanks for playing. Check us out next Sunday, Labor Day weekend. For once, no hangovers at work on Monday!

New location in LoDo – Whiskey Bar! August 24, 2008

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Starting this Tuesday at 7:00 PM, we start our first week at the Whiskey Bar.  We’re very excited to start at one of the best watering holes in LoDo.  Ricoh will be hosting, we’ll be giving away gift certificates & drinks, & of course we’ll be Killing the Weak Brain Cells!

Jackson’s with a Rookie Host August 22, 2008

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Ok everyone I really hope to not disappoint with my first blog and one round of hosting experience.  I had a BLAST!!  It was my first night with my fearless leader close at hand.  The little bit of hazing I got was a nice warm up of what’s to come.  I am really looking forward to venturing out on my own.  Enough about me.

I was joined by two rookie teams in attendance and hope I didn’t scare them off.  After all they are going to be famous once this blog is seen by hudreds of other trivia buffs.  In fact one of our new teams Hate & Discontent tied in round one, won round two and won over all.  There might be teams that hope they don’t come back but we sure hope they do.

Hate & Discontent

Hate & Discontent

I Palindrome I

I Palindrome I




Winning the tie breaker of round one and seen here enjoying are what i would say are those guys that know enough of everything to be dangerous and that would be I Palindrome I.
Our other newbies I am very glad to say they were the sleepers of the night. They got there a little late and had some very entertianing answers.  However they perservired and won round three. This honor goes out to 2WC.


We look forward to having them back in the future. 
As always it was a fun night at Jackson’s, I enjoyed my trial by fire and look forward to more abuse in the weeks to come at my location.
Dr. Hemlock & Lacy Underall

Dr. Hemlock & Lacy UnderallLittle Lebowski’s Urban Achievers