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And people say blondes are dumb! July 24, 2008

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

Wow, I can tell it’s between tournaments this week.  That or your car ran out of that expensive gas and you couldn’t get here.  Or maybe you got sent to rehab- don’t worry, you’ll be out by tomorrow morning.  Or you all just hate me.  Either way, where the hell were you??

After scraping, we managed to get three teams to play trivia tonight.  Last week was the championship.  Next week will be the first week of the 10 week tournament.  Not sure yet of the weekly prize, or the championship prize- but we will find out next week.  So yeah, you should come and play!

Audrey and her $50 bar tab, which I told her boyfriend he wasn't allowed to share, since he played poker instead of trivia

Audrey and her $50 bar tab, which I told her boyfriend he wasn't allowed to share, since he played poker instead of trivia

Our winner this week was Audrey.  She single handedly beat two other much larger teams.  She even took down the staff in a tie breaker!  I think I may  have convinced her to forgo Nickelodeon next week and play trivia with the big kids.

Staff Infectiongot beat in overtime by a little blonde chick.  If only they had known how much Batman had made last weekend, they could have knocked her down.  If you hadn’t been so concerned with the honeydews and watermelons, you might have won the game!  But I think they made up for their loss with our “Family Shot.” 

Our third team was expecting to play karaoke, but unfortunate for them, I don’t sing.  Really though guys, it’s a fortunate thing when I don’t sing.  Cryin’ On The Corner, I hope you guys come back next week!  Cause I know where you live…  I will be ringin all the buzzers!!





We had an unoffical team, since they didn’t want to turn in answers.  Maybe they just didn’t want to walk their answers up.  Hard Nips bet each other beer instead.  I tried to tell them when they all got the question wrong, they had to buy me one, but that didn’t fly.

To all of my regulars… where the hell were you tonight?  Oh wait, you’re at the library studying for the next 10 weeks, I know.  But seriously, the Short Bus needs to make a stop at Ogden Street South every Wednesday at 8:30pm.  (because Jeff, I know you’ll read this to see what you missed).

my new ritual of staff photos

my new ritual of staff photos. yeah, those are um, little drinks in our hands

Alright guys, we really need to get some more action for trivia night.  Bring your grandma if you have to, I’m sure she’d be able to help out with a few of questions.  And maybe grandma won’t drink that much, and if you’re lucky, maybe she’ll even pick up the tab.
See you and your grandma next week!


1. Jeff - July 24, 2008


How did you know I would be reading your blog even though I wasnt at trivia last night? Must be because you know that I am apparently lame and have nothing better to do with my time…:(….In fairness to me though your blogs are pretty entertaining, I guess you can call me a fan…:)


2. Marci - July 28, 2008

Jeff and everyone else that reads my blogs-

Thank you! It’s wonderful to have fans. That way I know I’m not flapping my jaw in front of a bunch of people that don’t listen to a damned word I say 🙂

Thanks again


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