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We will miss you, Mr. Wayne Jakino! July 23, 2008

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So tonight was a little bit different in a couple of ways.  The most important way was due to the recent passing of the Charlie’s founder, Wayne Jakino.  I had stopped in on Saturday to hug all the staff and offer my condolences.  However, I hadn’t really talked about it in front of a crowd.  I had this little collage of pictures of him on one of the screens and was going to take a moment of silence for him.  The thing is, I really couldn’t make that announcement for those of you who hadn’t heard.  And while pictures typically make people feel happy, I couldn’t chance it to make you guys feel sad.  Wayne is the epitome of Gay Pride in Denver.  He has definitely made a mark on the world, and the world he touched won’t be the same.  Now that we’re on the subject, I will add a few pictures here, because now I have the guts to do it.











Another thing that was different about tonight was the Miller Lite boys were wandering around.  They were asking beer trivia questions of people and giving out prizes.  Funny thing though, guess they didn’t have enough questions, cause they were asking me to give them questions about beer.  Since it was “Twisted Tuesday” where customers get drinks half price if they have their shirt off, we got a few of Miller Lite boys to disrobe.  But then you made me buy the straight one a drink, ok ok, I really didn’t mind, he WAS hot!  But then they left us, without even saying goodbye.

So aside from those two major things, we played trivia.  We even played despite the hot temperatures.  We’re not like those sissy bars that play in the comfort of air conditioning.  We play on the deck outside in 90 degree temps (well how else could we convince people to take their shirts off?!).  Miller High Life was again 50 cents, Vodka drinks $2.  And then the no shirt deal, that was for wells and domestic bottles.

Now to the stuff you really wanted to hear!

Our winning team, Pinky and the Bitches, is a new team, well some of the members are new.  Diamond, you really found some smart guys tonight!  I like the play on Pinky and the Brain, I suppose maybe you couldn’t decide who should be Pinky, so it’s cool.  Next week, I do expect a tribute to Barbie again.  Kidding, you call me that anyways, so I forgive you.




Second place was another new team tonight.  Most of you were staff, but I appreciate you playing, Shut Up and Drink.  I’m convinced they were telling me I should drink more, but I could totally be wrong here.  I know that Charlie’s is like family to you guys.  So if you’re not working next Tuesday evening, I fully expect you to be playing trivia with us!  There’s really no better place to be!

Alleycat came in third tonight.  They came in a few minutes late, and I wasn’t even sure if they were going to make it for trivia.  Justin, I still really don’t see the point of moving to Seattle, when you have a perfectly good time here.  You have the best friends and of course, the best trivia host.  So yeah, you think about that again before you decide to go to Dreary Seattle!




Close behind the winners was JT.  I’ve been told it stands for initials, but I think we should call it “Just Tim.”  He was playing alone tonight, and started off strong, but trailed behind overall.  Time to call up some more friends.  Or just join another team.  In his photo, I think he’s trying to get a promo gig as a Miller Lite boy!

Beer ‘n’ Buzzin actually played a whole game tonight!  I’ve never seen them in here for the whole thing.  They tend to come in during round three and then try to win.  That’s like riding a bike up a hill from the middle.  The questions gradually get tougher in this game, so it’s better to start at the bottom of the hill.  Plus, I think it’s not as fun if you come in when everyone is already drunk.  Sober people and drunk people just don’t have fun together, so get drunk with everyone from the start!  So I’ll see you guys before the game next week!

The Sooners, kept having players wander off and then come back.  You asked for more sports questions, but then didn’t get the first one right.  Come back next week, I’ll have another sports question for you.

We had a couple other teams that threw in an answer or two and then disappeared.  Did you follow the Miller Lite boys?  Cisco Licious, Darcinator (I don’t think it’s a play on my name, I hope not!), Nelly Frittas, and Keldon.  Thanks for playing the few you answered.

So guys, I want to remind you that Charlie’s will be closed 2pm-5pm on Wed 7/23.  There will be an event on Sunday August 3rd @2pm at Charlie’s as a tribute for Wayne.

There are more Otter Pops in the freezer, so we can cool down again next week.

my new ritual- staff pictures!

my new ritual- staff pictures!

See you next Tuesday!  – Marci

P.S.  If you read this blog, you should comment, so you can prove that you read it.  Cause you guys say you do, but I’m not really sure if you actually read my ramblings.



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