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Jackson’s – Night of the Crossed Out Correct Answer July 18, 2008

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

I have never seen so many answer sheets with the correct answer crossed out, by so many teams.  It became funnier (to me, probably not to you) each time it happened.  I usually say to go with your first instinct, and that advice sure would have helped out last night.

So what did we learn from a night of tough trivia and frustrated second-guessers?  That you can win free beer even when you think you may have tanked a round.  That’s the good thing about tough trivia: if it’s tough for you, it’s probably tough for everyone else as well!

We had an awesome number of teams come out for the show…you guys are becoming quite the trivia powerhouses.  Baseball parking? No problem.  Handling the amateur drinking crowd? No problem. 

Dr. Hemlock & Lacy Underall kept me entertained all night, as always.  Sometimes I think I should take our conversation off the mic, but then again, it might be entertaining to the rest of the crowd to guess at what we are talking about.  Who knows?

Little Lebowski’s Urban Achievers…ummm…I think it’s safe to say that LLUA got wasted.  Well, at least one of your members did.  If sitting down on the sidewalk in downtown Denver is any measure of wasted, then…don’t worry, your secret is…well, now your secret is public.  Oops!

It was great to see The Kegerators out again.  We missed you guys the last few weeks. 

Fanya Paad had a special request for questions last week, and a promise from me to fulfill.  I did, and it’s safe to throw out the old-fashioned “Be careful what you wish for.”  I also got word that FP’s brother is flying out early in two weeks just for trivia!  Those are some friggin’ sweet priorities right there! They were able to eek out a tiebreaker win in the second round…nice job!

Sparkle Motion, with the admitted lame name of the night, showed up late in the first round, and still came out with a round win and only one point off the overall lead!  Wow!!!

Merkins were their typical awesome selves.  They fought hard for a tie for the game, and took home second place in the final tiebreaker.  Get yourselves a sports guy, and I think you can coast!

The Mudsharks were an empotional roller-coaster.  Dominating the first round, sucking it up in the second, and squeeking by for a tie for the game in the third round.  They took this super-tight game on the final tie-breaker, but there was certainly no room for error.

Congrats to the Mudsharks on their win, and also a shoutout to the Dirty 1/2 DozenBeer Guy, and the Wild Walruses for keeping pace.  Great to see everyone, and I look forward to seeing you all next Thursday.  I promise, I’ll remember my pictures next week.  And as Fanya Paad can attest to, a promise is a promise!



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