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Pack your bags, we’re going on a road trip- so you guys learn about the national parks, oh and stopping at the library on the way July 16, 2008

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

Let me tell you first off, I look forward to Charlie’s every week!  Seriously, with a crowd like you guys, I don’t need many other friends, cause we’re all a happy family.  But then you start chanting… like you really wanted to see that! 

This was a really busy night!  I was bitching and whining about it not being an exciting first round, I took a bathroom break and all hell broke lose.  At different points of the game, but not all at once, we had 11 teams playing.   That’s a huge turnout!  The folks inside must have heard the chaos and felt leftout, so they just had to join.  We also had quite a few new teams that were new to trivia at Charlie’s.

We had the usual specials, 50 cent Miller High Life, $2 Absolute drinks, and then after 9pm, it was half price wells and domestic bottles (but only if you were shirtless.  It’s our way of getting cheap thrills).  Funny thing about that, you guys always, I mean always, get the answers right when the questions are about alcohol.  I wonder what you guys do in your free time.

Our winning team was Charlie’s Angels (A.K.A With the DJ, A.K.A. The Vegas Boys, A.K.A. Charlie’s Boys).  Thankfully you guys were sitting by me, so I could figure out who kept changing their name.   These guys won round two and the game (by just one point).  See AJ, you’re not a manager anymore cause you wanted to play trivia on Tuesday’s!  Seriously though guys, way to go!  AJ, stop lookin so scared of the girl, or I’ll stick a pen in your ear.  Wait, you do that on your own! 

 The second place team was a returning team, but I haven’t met them yet.  King Prawns explained to me that they only come to trivia when the sides are off the patio.  Well I thought maybe they were claustrophobic.  But they just didn’t want to have to group shower to get rid of the smoke smell.  Welcome back guys!  If you want, we can just wear mittens and play out in the snow.  (This picture was taken before we had a man down).




Candy Canes & Pop Rocks not sure where you guys even came from, but welcome to Charlie’s!  You came in during round two, but I know you had damn good fun while you played.  You won round three and kicked ass at it, which also got you third place.





 And for the regulars who didn’t make the top three:


Finally, the day I have been waiting for since walking into Charlie’s a few months ago, Jets did not take home a prize this week.  I’m sorry Tim, but you gotta share.  So he played alone and won the first round, therefore a pitcher.  I think that pitcher did you in, cause have won games by yourself in the past.  You better reconvene your team!  (So there was two guys in the picture, but that’s just cause one was helping drink the beer).



Alleycatdidn’t make it into the top ranks this week either.  Maybe it was because Al was so rushed to get home for bed.  And we had a player watching baseball instead.  And then there was one inside talking on the phone (ok ok, only during the breaks).  But when Justin leaves for rainy Seattle, we’re going to need to find you more team mates.  Al, put that on your craigslist for finding a roommate: Must play trivia every Tuesday.




Queeny Ones did a great job scoring after Diamond recruited more friends to play.  Diamond, you show me your picture every week, I will have to come to one of your shows, you just tell me when.  (Is that someone hiding from the camera on the left?  There’s a lot of people in the picture, but they didn’t all play- just jumped in for a photo opp, name make sense now?!)




You can’t win if you don’t come early enough, Beer ‘n’ Buzzin.  You keep promising me that you’ll come earlier, but then you come straggling in during round three.  I know, the game and bar are more fun later in the game, but we’d love to have you earlier!





Grassy Hot Gracias, I think you spend the most time finding a new name each week.  You played till 9pm, but then had to get home.  You must be rich, cause you left a nearly full drink on the bar.  See you for half an hour next week.

Sistascame as a pregame to the concert that I desperately wanted to go to.  But instead of watching the opener for Feist, they stayed and played trivia with us!  They said the questions were pretty hard, but they would come back next week.   Hopefully they didn’t get too drunk to remember that!

We had a team back in the corner, and they were appropriately called The Guys Back There.  They played a round and then one question in the second round, then they disappeared.  I would guess they turned in to pumpkins, but it wasn’t midnight yet.

Pyrob started the game a lil late, but they sat by me and kept me company.  Maybe it wasn’t about the company, it was that they didn’t have to walk their answers up every time.  Oh well, we’ll never know.

So if you can’t tell, we had a damned good time playing trivia.  Drink specials were terrific as well! 



And of course, our wonderful staff!  I do believe that’s a Pineapple Upside Down Cake in my hand.




If you’re looking for any other pictures (oh maybe the beer foam on my dress, those are on my myspace.  www.myspace.com/MarciBuzzWordz )

See you next week, I’m not sure we’re going to top this one though!




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