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This is late because my roommate is in the midst of fixing my computer so you don’t have to watch my computer boot up in a really boring fashion every week July 10, 2008

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

Ok folks-  I know, I know everyone else’s blog has a picture and mine never do.  I’m sorry!  There is a backstory there – but next week people.  That’s when it all begins.  Don’t look like poo, it’s going to be on the Internet.  

Baked Mac and Cheese-  So this is getting a little weird.  First I see Joey and my friend’s band.  Then you guys know my boss AND my old roomie Cul-de-sac?  Well nonetheless, thanks for the advice.  I’ll keep you posted, I’m sure you are simply dying to know the outcome.  I thought about just putting it up on here, but that could come to bite me in the ol’ toosh one day.   Do I even need to send congrats your way anymore?   I’m kind of just coming to expect you to win.  But I like it, you guys send me drinks.  

Counting French Fries-  Whoops!  Sorry I didn’t make it clear that 2nd place gets a prize.  Well good thing you know me and bothered to say good-bye, otherwise I would have had 30 big ones to spend at OC’s some time.   It would be MINE!!!  ALL MINE!!!!   HAHAHAHAHA!!!!  (That’s supposed to be an evil laugh.)  Ok, fine I would have called you and told you that you won.  You got me.  ANYHOW- thanks for getting your Lakewood friends to come out Leah!  And now I trapped you into returning again!  (Repeat evil laugh)

Stumpy-  Well, well, well.  Look who was just going to up and quit because he got one answer wrong.  Wah wah wah.  Let me call the Wahbulance (I stole that line from the Real World).  All you needed was a little encouragement, and look what happened!  A nice OC’s gift certificate in your back pocket!  You best be coming back Sir Stumpy.

Llamas-  I have no idea of where to even start here.  First of all, NO complaining that you were not born until 1987 and therefore the material is too hard.   I am pretty sure that there was a question in which the answer was 1869.  Furthermore, I am certain that not one person in the bar was alive at that time.   You are at no more of a disadvantage than anyone else gentlemen.  Second of all NO cheating right in front of my face.  I know you think your little scheme of ripping the paper out of my hand and changing your answers at the last minute was clever, but no more boys.  NO MORE!  The fist is coming down:)  Its a very good thing you guys were hilarious. 

Bubb Rubb – Not all of you were even alive in 1987 and I don’t hear you complaining that the questions are too hard!  See Llamas! 

Mismatched Carpet and Curtains – So I forget, did you go on a bike ride on Tuesday?  I’m actually glad you explained this name to me I must say.  Otherwise I would have thought… well, I’m just not sure.   I’m sorry about the lawyer joke thing.  I really was kind of busy, you know, working and all.  But thanks for letting me blame the whole me not being able to add thing on you.   See world-  it’s MY fault, not Sydney’s!

Double D’s –  Yay!  Lauren is back!  Enough said. 

Staff – Although you got one hundred percent of the questions correct that you answerd correctly (as in you got the one question that you answered correct), you really should have Stephanie around.  She’s pretty awesome at trivia.

Great Balls of Fire –  Well goodness gracious, thanks for joining us for round 3.  Come earlier next time:)

Alright party people, come with your game face next week.   It’s picture time!



1. bboy - August 11, 2008

This isnt my post?

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