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And you thought I was a new host… July 9, 2008

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

The hair change wasn’t meant to throw you guys off, but at least it came with good reviews.  If a self proclaimed draq queen approves, then you’re good.  But I’m not sure the Barbie nickname will still hold.

It was my little brother’s birthday today.  He’s in Florida, so I guess Charlie’s is just as good as any place to celebrate his getting older.

So on top of my usual dyslexia, I also had some eye problems.  I guess it’s a way to make sure that you guys are paying attention to the game.  I would tell you to look at my funky dilated eye, but it just so happens that in every picture, I look like a devil.  I know, I know, you’re wondering why I’m dilated.  I wacked myself in the eye and have a hemorrhage behind my retina  (and no- I wasn’t drinking when this happened).

We had a pretty crazy night with teams dropping out and new teams dropping in.  We started the game out with 6 teams and ended with 5.  Not too bad!  Maybe it was once the shirts came off that some of you got too distracted to play games.  Oh the amazing drink specials at Charlie’s!!  Who can pass up two beers for a dollar?!  They also had $2 Absolute drinks and half price well drinks and domestic bottles if you had your shirt off.

Our never lost since I started team, The JETS, took the big prize again this week.  They won the first two rounds and drank those pitchers ever so slow.  They received a bomb threat, per say.  (evidence below).  After my griping about them always winning, they changed their name to The Damned Jets.  I call you guys that from the bottom of my heart.  But just for once, can’t you just give another team a little chance?!










Our second place winner was Greg.  He originally started out on his own, but then acquired another player.  They were not conjoined twins, they just decided not to change their name.



Our third place winner struggled in round one, as they had very few of the regular players.  By round two, a couple of the guys had come straight from the airport.  What dedication- I LOVE IT!  Alleycat came in from behind for the third place win, so they could cover their beer tab.  Justin- your man was right, you do looked wasted in every picture.  And just what were you looking at?!



We had a couple other teams that played that I would like to mention.  Love it or Leave it, you came you played half of a round, and I suppose you chose to leave it.  I do expect to see you guys back here next week with the rest of the crew!  The Mystic Pixieswere our only all female team.  A couple of those member work at my other job, which will remain unnamed in case the boss googles us.  Dumb Dodo’sis here drinkin every week and decided to play tonight.  I think they drank more than they played (but I guess we ARE at a bar).  Chubby’s came a few questions in to round one and was pretty determined to win.  You guys did a great job, and the kudos to the straight people in the team.  This crew can be a little overwhelming at times, but you stuck it out and played trivia with us.  Beer ‘n’ Buzzin promised me that he’d be “more punctual” next week.  He came in a little too late to have a chance to win the game, but his handwriting did look pretty similar to a card that had the word “kaboom.”




Overall, we had a pretty good night.  The weather was pretty good, not too hot, not too cold, and no longer raining.  The bar was preparing for the Gay Rodeo this weekend and it was all decked out in flags for the event.




And from the Charlie’sstaff and myself, thanks for playin, thanks for readin, and see you next week!!  Oh yeah, that’s our dj, John, myself, and Manager Chad.



If you’re looking for pictures that I took but you don’t see up here, they’re probably on my myspace.  I took so many that had eyes closed that I just couldn’t put them all up.  www.myspace.com/MarciBuzzWordz

See you guys next week!



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