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Happy day before the day before the day before the 4th of July July 2, 2008

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

So I must say I had a l lot of fun this week, I hope you did too!  At about 5 to 7, there were only like 4 teams or something and I was afraid this week was going to be super lame.  But then like magic, all of the regulars that I haven’t seen in FOREVER started trickling on in.  It was like a little reunion, awwww!  Good to see all you back in business, and to you newbies- we always like a fresh face- keep on coming back!

Oh and I think I need to clear something up here.  A few weeks ago I wrote something about a due date that led some people to believe there may be a little bun in my oven.  UMMMM, no.  The world is not ready for a natural disaster of such proportions. 

And now for my very first HONORABLE MENTION!  Stephanie proud member of Old Chicago’s finest staff- you kicked some boo-tay!  I think Mike should get you a present.

Baked Mac and Cheese- There are not enough words in the world to express how I feel about you.  This is the truth behind my comments regarding you and your superb performance being so minimal.  I greatly appreciate your generosity this week.  I also am a big fan of your fashion statement of matching green shirt wearing.  Spray some airbrush on there and you’d be known as what we in Ohio refer to as a “Cedar Point Couple!”  Oh, and congratulations- AGAIN!  Are you ever going to give someone else a chance?

You are moving to SYDney Australia so You Can Pick Up Some Pointers on Being Supercool-  Enough said.  Second place.  I’m glad you decided to be friends right from the very beginning rather than enemies then friends.  Maybe you can be “frienemies” next week.

Zoso- I’m sorry about the whole you not getting to talk in the chat room thing.  But not that sorry I guess, because then people would have thought you were cheating and I would have had to scold you.  It’s much less awkward this way.  Bringing up the rear with 3rd place- Nice!

Big Willy- Wowee ladies- Brawn and Brains.  Look out for this guy!

Yea Yea Yea Yea Yea (or Yea x5)- Thanks for shortening your name.  This was becoming a bit of a tongue twister for me!

Double D’s- Where have you been?  Where’s Lauren?  I better see you soon!

L & J-  I have no idea who these people are.  Never seen ’em before in my life.  I have no clue why they know all this stuff about me.  I think they are stalking me.  Barbie’s scared. 

JJMS- For some reason every time you turned in your answer WWJD popped into my head.  So tell me, What WOULD Jonah do?

Lonesome Drunk–  Oh, no need to be so lonely!  Just keep drinking, I’m sure you will make some friends:) 

Sexy Smart Girls- Wait, so when is this birthday extravaganza?  Next week or the week after?

Alrighty folks, hope you all have a good holiday weekend!  See ya next week!




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