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Aurora Old Chicago – With your new host Ricoh! July 31, 2008

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Ricoh here. First I’d like to say thanks to all the regulars at Old C’s in A-town because I know it was weird with a different host than your usual Brodie, but all you guys made sure you made fun of me and broke me in properly!

I hope I did a great job for you guys, because I had an awesome time getting to know you for the first time.

Alright, on to the action. Our game was packed with over 35 people playing in nine different teams. There was a nice mix of established teams and new people I had to persuade (read: free beer) to sign up.

There were tie breakers in each of the first two rounds, and after all the dust settled, the final score was Bronco Babes in 1st, The Lone Rangers in 2nd, and The Unfriendly Skies in 3rd. It was very close with only three points separating the teams. 

Once I started my camera everyone got shy so I’ll figure out a way to get more pictures next time, which is a shame cause we had some superhot ladies in attendance..


Grand Slam Sports Cafe July 31, 2008

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Once Again, Its Party time at the sports bar and we were a big part of it.. Grand Slam Sports Cafe knows how to throw a trivia festivity and it was a blowout..

We had three teams finish the night and again it was close..

Team one was the Donkeys. They know how to kill the weak brain cells as evidenced again by the superior knowledge that they bring to the party. I still hate those guys. I dont know how they manage to play poker and trivia at the same time. Guess thats how they win so much cause they are great multi-taskers.

Team two was the Bronx Bombers. This team did really well as they just finished their shifts at work and was eating till I bugged them on to play. And play they did. Very well in fact. For a team that started late, they turned in a respectable card. Although they might not be to respectable.

Team three was ATHF. That stands for Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and if anyone has ever seen that show, the team essentially was Carl from the show. He did really well playing by himself..  But not quite like that. But he still came in third place. Good job Carl.

Thanks again for all the regular teams that have been showing up. I will see you all next week with more prizes and of course more beer.

Your favorite Italian, Luigi

Shhh… There are Spies Among Us! July 31, 2008

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I found out earlier today and also revealed to you guys: there have been spies in Ogden Street South.  They were seeing how my trivia was going, since I’m relatively new.  I guess it’s our version of secret shoppers.  I just spent the last half hour looking at pictures from the last few months.  There are a few teams that played and never came back.  There was actually one that won and didn’t come back for the championship.  Here’s my list of suspects:  TMNT, Dawisha’s Darlings (spies shouldn’t call their mother and ask for answers!), Brown Dog Co., Wiskey Disc (but spies should know the membership rules), Marley, and Cryin’ On The Corner.  I know the list is long, but that’s what I’ve narrowed it down to.  To all the spies- If you had fun, you should come back and play again!!

With that being said, we really did play a game of trivia despite my paranoia and the boss being there.  There was a lot of people playing tonight!  At one point, we had 8 teams playing, with about 30 people involved in the trivia.  We also had poker going on, but they don’t count for this headcount. 

Tonight was the first night of a brand new ten-week tournament.  We maintained the same sponsorship with Sam Adams.  So we still have $3 Sam Adams every Wednesday, $130 giftcards to Elixir Spa every week for the winner, and the $700 Grand Prize at the end of the tournament.  Oh, and of course, the best host you’ve ever met is still running the show!

There were a few questions about a porn star, “Houston.”  I looked and tried to find how long the video actually was, when she sleeps with 620 men.  I found that it was over a 24 hour period, so I don’t know how long the actual footage is.  However, I couldn’t really open half of the links, cause if IT at my regular job catches me, they’ll never believe I was actually just looking it up for reference.

Our winners this week were definately multi-tasking.  Staff Infection poured beers, delivered food, and also came up with answers to every question.  They won the game with a two point lead.  Unfortunately, just like all the sweepstakes from McDonald’s, employees are not eligible for the prize.  I love that they come back with persistance every week despite not getting anything.  I think they just want to gloat that they’re smart!  Whatever it is, please keep it up!  Their whole crew didn’t make it into the picture cause they were, well, they were working.


The team that was actually able to take the prize home won it in a pretty close tie breaker.  Short Bus has only missed one week since I started hosting, but hasn’t scored a prize.  Well, besides my Rockies tickets.  Glad you guys finally won!  They were missing a few players tonight, I’m not sure if that’s what caused this new win or not.  They did acquire a new member for the week, but I’m hoping that Boogie or the Bitch is whole next week.


 Our team that lost it in the tie breaker, but still enjoyed their tab from last week was That’s What She Said.  You might notice that Audrey from last week has her team back, and she even shared her beer money with them.  They’ve made a 10 week commitment to me, so I know I’ll see them back next week.  If not, you told me where you live and I also have your phone number!  Ok, I’m not really the stalker like, just trying to be convincing.

Oh Snap came in just one point behind the winners, so fared rather well.  I haven’t seen you guys, and I really had to beg you to play, but aren’t you glad that you did?!  While you didn’t win this week, there are still 9 more weeks to try.  Also, if you’re here all 10 weeks, you’re still eligible to play in the championship.  Make sure not to go on vacation or get sick!


Oh you, Bad Larry!  These guys came in after the rules were announced.  They didn’t have a girl on their team.  I tried to recruit one for them, but they just recruited me for the picture instead.  Thanks for not getting two embarassed when I tried to auction you guys off to the ladies.  I do hope that you come back though!  You left before I could give you the blog address, I bet you didn’t even get it, so you’ll never read this anyways.

The Bundts came and played one round but left.  I told you guys what the prize was, so you should come back next week and try for the prize.  I know the lady would be happy to get a mani/pedi or even a massage. 



This team was so great that I didn’t even see them go out the door. Team Awesome played one round, then a couple questions, but then just poof, they were gone.  I didn’t even make it to take your picture.  Come back next time all dressed up for the photo shoot.

It wasn’t my mom, but it was, Your Mom.  They threw in a couple answers then left for the night.  You can’t win if you don’t play the whole game!  But if you want to play and then give me the prize, that’s cool too.

So this was the first week of the tournament.  I’m working on putting a scoreboard online at www.myspace.com/marcibuzzwordz  also, if you want to join the mailing list, we will be emailing that every week.  Here’s the importance of scores: if you win a game, you’re eligible for the championship.  If you play all 10 games, you’re eligible for the championship.  If there’s a tie at the end of the championship, the team with the highest cumulative score wins.

And of course, without these people, we wouldn’t be playing trivia…


See you guys next week- 8:30- same place!


Technical Difficulties, Schmechnical Difficulties July 31, 2008

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Yes, the donate to Barb’s new computer fund is still on.  However, the less than efficient abacus I bring to trivia night is not at fault for this evening’s mishap.  Actually the power shutting down was because I had to move the table so someone could get into the “special” cabinet (if ya know what I mean… wink, wink, nudge, nudge).  Plug got knocked out, whatcha gonna do? 

So a lot of you stayed in spite of, well, the “incident” would probably suffice.   Let’s check out the winners!

I mean let’s NOT check out the winners!  I know I took a picture of you, because I remember one you you running away, but I can’t find it anywhere.  Anyhow US, you’ve done well so far!  Keep coming back!

You look ponderific in this photo.  Nice work in the tie breaker!  I am not going to refer to you by the name you preferred toward the end of the game.  For obvious reasons!

You look ponderific in this photo. Nice work in the tie breaker! I am not going to refer to you by the name you preferred toward the end of the game. For obvious reasons!


See?  Aren't you glad you stayed for that extra minute?  Now you have ten bucks to spend next time you come, and you KNOW you are paying!

See? Aren't you glad you stayed for that extra minute? Now you have ten bucks to spend next time you come, and you KNOW you are paying!

I can't believe you left before I get to wish Happy Birthday.  Well, since you are 21 finally I suppose its ok for me to buy you a drink then next week, huh?

I can't believe you left before I get to wish Happy Birthday. Well, since you are 21 finally I suppose its ok for me to buy you a drink then next week, huh?

The original Double D's

The original Double D's

So Big Willy- are you ever going to admit that your lady friend may just happen to know some trivia herself?

So Big Willy- are you ever going to admit that your lady friend may just happen to know some trivia herself?

How did that duck get that beer?  Who was serving him that night, I don't even think he looks 21?!

How did that duck get that beer? Who was serving him that night, I don't even think he looks 21?!

I actually think this one is better for your Myspace.

I actually think this one is better for your Myspace.

I'm diggin this aerial shot!  Mmmmmm... grapes...

I'm diggin this aerial shot! Mmmmmm... grapes...

Ok, I have a date with destiny to attend, so I must be going.  Ok, really I just have nothing else to add, but I thought I would make my closing a little dramatic.  Study up on your hockey and random stuff you shouldn’t have any business knowing, see ya next week!

Power Failure Not Caused By The Earthquake in California July 30, 2008

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We had a few power outages tonight, but really, it wasn’t due the heat or the earthquake.  It was more about an old outlet that we tried to plug a television into.  That patio is just too dang big for me to scream the whole game, so we quickly got the problem fixed.  Thanks to AJ, the former manager, wannabe pilot.

This week there was a lot less people than normal playin trivia with us.  And really, nobody had their shirts off either.  Was I at the wrong place??  Really, I think it’s a killer deal to get half price on your drink if you’re half naked!  But hey, I can’t strip ya’ll down, eventhough we’re on the patio sweating our butts off.

We had a local musician in the house, Kyle Galanaugh.  He was just visiting, but he’s playing at the Meadowlark on Friday (27th and Larimer).  And he’s good!  http://www.myspace.com/kylegalanaughmusic  He’s floating around Charlie’s  often on Tuesday’s.  He’s straight, but still comes to hang out.  So if you see him around, I’m sure he’d sign your um, stomach or something.  I can’t go this week, but will be attending a show soon, if you’d like to join me.

While on the note of fun stuff to do, I want to remind you of another party this Sunday.  The benefit is for Wayne Jakino, the founder of our most wonderful bar, Charlie’s.  This will be a “Celebration of Life” and begins at Sunday, August 3rd @ 2pm (that’s this weekend folks).

Now to the fact that we really did play a trivia game…

Our winning team wasn’t here last week, well one said he was in the corner drinking, but not playing.  The King Prawns returned to take the game.  They won round one, lost it in the tie-breaker in round two, and had a tie for round three due to default.  The guy ditched the team for a while, but he came back for the beer.

JT won second place this week.  It wasn’t “Just Tim” this week, cause during the break between round one and two, he got some help.  They won the tie breaker in round two and also got a pitcher from the managers for round three.




Our third place wasn’t allowed to win due to being managers, but Shut Up and Drink played like they cared anyways.  These guys won round three, but gave out pitchers to the three teams that were tied for second for that round.  Thanks so much guys!!  They also won third place in the game, but had to forfit that win also.

Alleycat was just a duo tonight.  They were able to score third place, due to the default of the management team.  Their team will soon be losing a member, to the boring emptiness of Seattle.  Justin, what will we do without you??  Oh, and Jake, I’ve been hearing about people lusting for you 🙂  But really, Snickers does not constitute as dinner, especially when you drink 8 beers!  Sorry you guys won the pitcher so late in the game.  The team you gave it to was very appreciative!



Other teams to mention:

We had some brotherly rivalry with Throw That Munky in a Taxi and the staff team.  They wanted me to give them a pitcher for having the most creative name.  I admit it’s creative!  They were one the groups that got a pitcher for tying on round three.  They also inherited a pitcher at the end of the game from another team.  I’m pretty short, ok, really short, but I looked like a total midget next to the guy in the maroon, he’s 6’10”!  Holy Crap!!  That’s a foot and 9 inches taller than me.

Chi Che Beh! was a couple of girls that played for only a round.  They acquired a man at their table and forgot they were playing.  I went to take their picture and they were missing.  You should stay long and play harder next time!

Our player who always has a different name and usually leaves at 9 stayed a little bit later.  He went by Green & Black Woodpecker.  He also left before I could take photos.  He was sporting a fun straw hat and flip flops to keep cool, but a tie to not look too casual.  He stayed till 9:30 tonight, maybe we can get him to stay longer next week!

Miss, threw in a couple of answers here and there, but didn’t play much of the game.  The game starts at 8:30 every Tuesday, if you guys want to be there at the kick-off.

I also have some pictures that really wouldn’t make the cut of the boss, eventhough I do have the most wonderful blog in the whole state of Colorado.  Vanity, I know.  You love it though!  Those racy or down right funny pictures are on another page.  www.myspace.com/marcibuzzwordz

And to finish us off with new weekly ritual- the staff photo

DJ Jon, TJ Marci, and Matt, the bartender I can find even at straight bars
DJ Jon, TJ Marci, and Matt, the bartender I can find even at straight bars

See you next Tuesday at 8:30pm, unless I see you Sunday at 2pm (which I better!)


Tuesdays at The Glenn with Preacher July 29, 2008

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Tuesday’s at the Glenn are always 1/2 happy happy joy joy, 1/3 Preacher AWESOMENESS, and 1/4 spontaneous and unexpected mishap always with the hope of hilarity ensuing. Tonight the mishaps were tired of taking a back seat and jumped up, grabbed the mic and started to wail. Despite the microphone problems we had a fantastic night at The Glenn with a great turnout and some “interesting” submissions.

Round 1 and everyone thinks Texas got its independence in the battle of San Antonio. I had to make sure myself, but the correct answer is in fact San Jacinto. Moving on, apparently everyone is well versed in soap operas and dynamite, but not so much in Rod Stewart bands…I wonder if that’s a good thing, or a bad thing … 7 questions later and the teams were in a dead heat going into the final question with two teams tied for first and two teams just two points behind tied for second. The credit card question stumped a few, but put us into overtime in a tie between Gods of Wrong Answers and fairly new, but often winning FOP. Though both guesses for the number of Guiding Light episodes was incredibly low, someone had to win, and that winner was FOP.

Round 2 and the answers are divided all over the place, I like those questions because I get to tell the teams that their good, but have room for improvement, just like my report card in elementary school. The one shameful point of the night was when, mistakenly, I attributed the emmy nominated sabertoothed cat sequence to the openening credits of the documentary “Flintstones” when, of course, it is the closing credits. Bonus points to team No Chance for the correction on that one, however, since bonus points don’t mean anything, it didn’t really help. Yet another tie for this round, this time between teams FOP and No Chance, and in their ironic fashion, team No Chance claimed their victory.

Round 3 cometh, and not settling for being the team that almost was, Gods of Wrong Answers took and early and commanding lead. Their wealth of knowledge astounded children and frightened the elderly, as most things of this nature often do, and as the wee hours of the night crept in, a silence fell, and in the darkness, you could hear the whisper:

London, Paris, Athens, Los Angeles

And team Gods of Wrong Answers takes the round.

Star Wars Fact of the Day: During Star Wars Carrie fisher was 10bs over weight and was mad because George didn’t think that women of the future would wear bras.

Signing off, this is Preacher.

Wheat Ridge Beer Bonanza – part one July 27, 2008

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You guys must’ve read my mind, because you sure made it easy to give out the extra beer with the great team names and holding on through two tough trivia rounds! 

It was TNON times three night and the winners were: Batman Bitchslaps Batmom, Tonight’s Special: Szechwan Poodle, and We don’t like cocaine, we just like to smell it.  The beer was flowing early, perhaps that is why the first two rounds were so rough? Nah, I think it was the unusually tough trivia.  😉

The other clue that the beer wasn’t the problem is that the same three teams that won the TNON, also took 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall.  I’m tellin’ ya, if you get those creative juices flowing right away, it makes all the difference! 

So, congrats times two to overall winners: Batman Bitchslaps Batmom (after taking 3 out of 4 weeks off, they were well rested and ready to rumble)

Batman Bitchslaps Batmom

Batman Bitchslaps Batmom

2nd place overall and the TNON champions of all time didn’t disappoint with the We don’t like cocaine, we just like to smell it, team name.  Everybody loves your names.  Nice work.

We dont like cocaine, we just like to smell it

We don't like cocaine, we just like to smell it

Our third place team, the Tonight’s Special: Szechwan Poodle team, has resorted to bringing me newspaper articles that explain their team names and it has worked for the most part!  Here’s the latest explanation:


Restaurant staff told to ‘patiently’ suggest other options for diners
The Associated Press
updated 10:24 a.m. MT, Fri., July. 11, 2008

BEIJING – Canine cuisine is being sent to the doghouse during next month’s Beijing Olympic Games.

Dog meat has been struck from the menus of officially designated Olympic restaurants, and Beijing tourism officials are telling other outlets to discourage consumers from ordering dishes made from dogs, the official Xinhua News Agency reported Friday.

Waiters and waitresses should “patiently” suggest other options to diners who order dog, it said, quoting city tourism bureau Vice Director Xiong Yumei.

‘Fragrant meat’
Dog, known in Chinese as “xiangrou,” or “fragrant meat,” is eaten by some Chinese for its purported health-giving qualities.

Beijing isn’t the first Olympic host to slap a ban on the dish.

South Korea banned dog meat during the 1988 Seoul Olympics by invoking a law prohibiting the sale of “foods deemed unsightly.” After the Olympics, the ban was not strictly enforced.

Dog meat is also eaten in some other Asian countries, including Vietnam, the Philippines and Laos.

URL: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/25633945/

Dog meat off the menu during Olympics

As you can see, it was a clever name.  And a good night overall for poodles everywhere.

Szechwan Poodle

Tonight's Special: Szechwan Poodle

4th place overall was awarded for the first time and well-deserved with only a point between them and the 3rd place team to the Two Weeks without Trivia team.  I missed you guys too!

Two weeks without trivia, Jens lost Wednesday

Two weeks without trivia, Jen's lost Wednesday

 There were good showings from several other teams, including Azzuri, a one-man team newbie.  Hope to see you guys back next week for the finale!

Clean Up Hitters

Clean Up Hitters



Chinstrap Penguins

Chinstrap Penguins

Two old guys who have nothing better to do than drink beer, check out the waitresses and pretend we know stuff

Two old guys who have nothing better to do than drink beer, check out the waitresses and pretend we know stuff





Once again, apologies for not seeing all you smarties last week.  Hopefully the extra beer made up for it a bit!  And, next week the Bonanza of Beer will conclude with Part 2.  There will be some fun extra prizes too and I hope to see everyone there for my retirement party!
Until Wednesday, 8pm at Old Chicago Wheat Ridge!

TJ’s Lounge Wash Park Friday night! New Buzzwordz location July 26, 2008

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Just Getting Started

Just Getting Started

First night at TJ’s went wonderfully well! We had a lot of good mexican food, players, beer, mojito’s and fun. A special thanks to Erica and Matt for wandering the neighborhood like hounds with a nose for trivia. I was glad you found us, and I bet you were too after winning that pitcher of beer.

Thanks to everyone who came out. We had Team Chaos, The Cool Kids, DAED KCIS, The Return of Brando and Team Gina (way to jump in Gina). After all three rounds Team Chaos had 22 points, The Cool Kids had 26 points and The Return of Brando won the night with 27 points, Congratulations.

Friday’s at TJ’s is always St. Patty’s day when Patrick is bar-tending. Thanks to Patrick for doing a fine job.

Stop by TJ’s next week for a rousing night of trivia. We’re located behind Starbuck’s at Alameda and Downing. Buzzwordz will be there to start the game between 7:30-8pm, will you? 



Trivia Hounds

Trivia Hounds

Team Chaos
Team Chaos

Old Chicago – Lakewood Union July 25, 2008

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I never know how to start these things out.  Lotsa new teams this week though!  I just saw that I wrote lotsa, as if this is a text message or something and have to keep my thoughts to a maximum of 160 characters (if you have Verizon you know what I’m talking about).   So anyway, lets review the evening with a lovely photographical montage…

This is one sexy heel!

And I know its summer and people are busy, but Baked Mac and Cheese, Double D’s and Brian and Andy, where were you?  There really aren’t any excuses for not showing up, and you don’t have anything better to do on a Tuesday!

Great Wednesday at Old C’s Aurora! July 25, 2008

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Hey everybody thanks for a great game Wednesday, we had 10 teams total and a tough game! Us Two came through at the end winning 2 rounds and the game but they did have to go through 2 tiebreaks to get there.  N(E)2 was of course in a close second place with the Lone Rangers finishing third!  The Banana Hammocks won another round this week, great job guys!  Unfriendly Skies was flying solo but played very well, and last weeks losers had a great time!  Thanks to everyone for a great night it was fun as always and it’s getting busier, more fun, and more prizes are coming!  See you all next week!